Zone Controllers and Wall Panels for Comfort Management

Zone controllers and wall panels in stock. Reduce energy costs while providing an optimal environment in commercial buildings with integrated comfort management controllers from IBC partner iSMA CONTROLLI. Currently in stock from the comfort management range:

  • Zone controllers iSMA-B-FCU-LL; iSMA-B-FCU-HL – View datasheet.
  • Wall panels iSMA-B-LP – View datasheet.

Explore key features in more detail below or download the iSMA CONTROLLI Comfort Management Brochure.

FCU Controllers Key Features

zone controllers FCUs
In-stock FCU-HL and FCU-LL

The FCU range are a collection from the wider range of controllers for zones and rooms. They are a unique 2-in-1 device that’s configurable and freely programmable for fan coil units. Provides a complete, proven, effective control of the climate in the room. It allows for out-of-the-box configuration
or designing tailor-made applications to meet the specific requirements of the building. Notable features:

  • BACnet MS/TP – FCU controllers are equipped with Building Automation and Control Networks – (BACnet) protocol and are certified by the official BACnet Test Laboratories (BTL).
  • Modbus RTU/ASCII – Modbus is one of the most-used protocols in industrial electronic devices.
  • Pre-loaded Application – Ready to use application for 256 types of fan coil units.
  • Serial Bus Interface – With open protocols, BACnet MS/TP and Modbus RTU/ASCII. You can connect up to 128 devices on one bus.

Other similar controllers include the iSMA-B-RAC18-IP, for multi-functional room and zone IP management. This controller is currently available to order.

LP Wall Panels Key Features

LP wall panels room
iSMA-B-LP in-stock

LP is a wall panel with 2.3” LCD display and four function buttons. Additionally, the panel has a built-in temperature sensor and, optionally, humidity and CO2 sensors. Plus all these attractive features:

  • 2.3” LCD display with backlight 4 function buttons
  • Built-in temperature, CO2 , and humidity sensors
  • Modbus RTU/ASCII, BACnet MS/TP
  • Wall mounting (standard electric box – 60 mm/2.3622 in)
  • Adjusting basic parameters with FCU controller
  • 2 RJ12 ports for fast connection to FCU controller
  • 7 main menu categories
  • Over 100 freely configurable variables
  • Possibility to display a current time

iSMA CONTROLLI have another wall display available to order from IBC – the Touch Point glass panels, a slicker alternative with a modern style.

Integrated Zone Controllers

iSMA CONTROLLI offer a full suite of zone controllers, light and blind control and wall panels. View more in the brochure.

zone controllers
Download the Comfort Management Brochure


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“A building can be said to have performed its task if occupants are not ‘conscious’ of its temperature.” CIBSE Top Tips Sheet 8

Occupant health is no longer a luxury add-on in commercial buildings but a crucial component in operational efficiency and occupant health. There can be a delicate balance between creating environments conducive to productivity, health, and well-being while optimising energy consumption and operational costs.

iSMA CONTROLLI understand the importance of this balance with their ever growing range of solutions that not only cover occupant health but the cutting edge technology that caters to total building management, whether it’s a new build or retrofit, IBC have an iSMA CONTROLLI solution for every building. For pricing, lead time or inventory information, please contact IBC through our secure form.