Universal Valve Actuator, Yes or No?

Universal Valve Actuator


IBC’s advice on choosing a Universal Valve Actuator

The term “universal” means ‘most popular’, it does not imply ‘all’. Therefore, there will be variations and exceptions but sufficient commonality to facilitate the development of effective and efficient linkage kits.

Most manufacturers supplying universal valve actuators provide custom made linkage kits which are designed to fit third part valves.

Having a comprehensive list of supported valves makes it very easy to order and stock several different linkages with a much-reduced range of actuators.  This reduces administration paperwork and improves operational efficiency.

IBC recommends the Controlli Universal Actuator and further details are available at www.ibc.ie

Key requirements in a “Universal” actuator:

  1. Control Signal – Should support 0-10, 4-20mA, On/Off and Floating at a minimum.
  2. Power Supply should support 24v AC and DC (More systems are being designed with DC)
  3. Have a BMS feedback signal to the BMS.
  4. Manual Override
  5. Direct or Reverse Acting (This allows you to work with normally Open or Closed Valves)
  6. Auto Stroking Calibration with the option of Manual Calibration
  7. Stroke length between 5-60mm

As many features and benefits are unique to each manufacturer, make sure you check the minimum requirements as detailed.


IBC has also developed a ‘Valve Retrofit Tool’ Android Application for helping to retrofit older valves

IBC Retrofit tool is an application which provides seamless interaction with our sales team. Users can take a picture, send us details and attain a valve quote. Simply fill out the corresponding details and follow the on-screen prompts.

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Download it for free from the google play store on this link.