Trend Product Updates-Dec 2016

  • Firmware Upgrade: IQ®4 v3.43 firmware is now availableM-BUS CABLE /LENGTH 3M
  • Maintenance Release: 963 v3.72 is now available
  • Hints & Tips: IQ®SET unable to use the up/download options or add to transfer list
  • Hints & Tips: Trend’s ‘How To’ Videos

Firmware Upgrade: IQ®4 v3.43 firmware is now available

trend-iq4-v3-43IQ®4 firmware v3.43 is now available to download on PNet (or via the link below).This firmware version is certified to the BACNet B-ASC profile at revision 15 for all IQ®4 controllers, which will be reflected on the BTL website within the next few weeks.

Additionally we have increased the capability of the IQ®4 controller so that it can acknowledge up to 1000 BACnet COV subscriptions subject to other resources being used.

Also within this release there are a number of fixes. Details of these can be found in the release notes, accessible on PNet, or by clicking here

Maintenance Release: 963 v3.72 is now available

trend-963-v3-72We can announce that 963 v3.72 is now available to download. This release will contain new functionality, including support on Windows 10 and cyber security improvements, as well as correcting a number of issues that have been reported to us. Please see below the full list of new features.

New Features

  • Windows 10 support (Note: Windows 10 installations will require an internet connection in order to download required system components that cannot be redistributed via DVD/ISO)
  • Start-up diagnostics: Detailed diagnostic information will be provided in case 963 fails to connect to the database during start-up
  • Master recovery password: Separates the SQL server password from the master reset password
  • Search function in navigator trees and improved scalability
  • Switch from account lockout to ‘tar-pit’
  • Support for ‘high precision’ IQ4 large numbers (>10 digits and IQ4 ‘double precision’)

Cyber Security

  • HTTPS configuration
  • Warning if a self-signed certificate is in use
  • Upper AND lower case mandated and minimum 8 characters for database and master passwords
  • Main SQL ‘sa’ password now requested during installation (was previously defaulted)

The release notes for 963 v3.72 are available to read and download via PNet. Alternatively they can be accessed here

Hints & Tips: IQ®SET unable to use the up/download options or add to transfer list

trend-iqsetWe have recently found that the Microsoft upgrade process to the latest Windows 10 Anniversary Edition (1607) intermittently fails to install the .Net Framework components that are required for Trend applications to function properly.

Identifying some of the symptoms on IQ®SET you may find you have very few applets and the up/download option would not be available.

We recommend you follow the procedure outlined in the DrT article (available via the link below) to rectify the issue; this details the process installing the components needed to regain full functionality on SET

Hints & Tips: Trend’s ‘How To’ Videos

trend-youtubeWe would like to take the opportunity to point you in the direction of our YouTube Channel. Here you will find our back catalogue of videos, including numerous tutorials, designed to help you get the most out of your Trend product.

This month, we recommend viewing our series of ‘How to’ videos. These videos offer various hints and tips, including advice on how best to configure your Trend controllers, and how to get the most out of IQ®SET. The link below will take you to our YouTube channel where you can find these tutorials, as well as many other helpful videos.