Trend Energy Manager Update

Trend Energy Manager Update

Further delays to Trend Energy Manager to ensure most secure and high-quality product possible

Further to Trend’s announcement on July 12th 2017 regarding Trend Energy Manager update being placed on hold. There has been a further delay, in order to guarantee the most robust and secure product possible.

The new version of Trend Energy Manager will be supplied with Microsoft’s new SQL Server to ensure the latest version of software is used. Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Express is only supported on 64 bit Windows Operating Systems, and it is due to this change in embedded component that Trend have required additional engineering time in the development of the software. This also means that the software can only be used on 64 bit operating systems. At the same time, given the importance of cyber security,Trend are taking the opportunity to re-test every aspect of the product.

As a result Trend now anticipate TEM will be available in Q2 2018.

When released TEM will support the following Windows Operating Systems – Windows 8**, Windows 8.1**, Windows 10**, Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2016 (** Only 64 bit versions of the Operating System are supported). This will affect the following order codes:

Order Code Product Description
TEM/TU/050 Trend Energy Manager for 50 Points (3 User)
TEM/TU/100 Trend Energy Manager for 100 Points (5 User)
TEM/TU/250 Trend Energy Manager for 250 Points (5 User)
TEM/TU/500 Trend Energy Manager for 500 Points (10 User)
TEM/TU/UL Trend Energy Manager for 2000 Points (25 User) (special order only)

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