Trend Controls 963: Important IBC Reminder

Trend Controls 963: Important IBC Reminder

Important Withdrawal Reminder

What to know before ordering Trend Controls 963

IBC would like to remind our partners and customers of the following technical information to consider before ordering 963. Trend Controls will continue to support 963 after it is withdrawn on the 23rd December 2019, but IBC would like to emphasise the following:

  • Project specs may become non-compliant if the spec contains standard clauses stating no obsolete product should be installed.
  • Please inform your clients, contractors and specifiers about the withdrawal of 963 now to avoid potential damage to your reputation.
  • Currently, there are no plans to further develop 963 and Trend will no longer run updates or patches, unless completely necessary. Please be aware there is no guarantee what will happen if your client upgrades their IT infrastructure. The 963 Server/Station needs to remain at the Trend recommended Microsoft version and auto updates turned off. Many browsers have already discontinued the support for the JAVA plug in required to use 963. Currently Microsoft Explorer is still supporting the JAVA plug in but there is no guarantee for how long. Please check with your Trend System Integrator of all the supported versions of Microsoft Software.
  • As with other obsoleted Trend products, there will be support available for 963 for a period of 10 years from the date of its withdrawal.

Your Pathway to IQVISION

If you would like to speak with an IBC representative about 963, and how it affects you or would like to know more about upgrading to 963’s successor IQVISION, email [email protected] or phone +353 (0) 1 45 75 421 and ask to be connected to sales.

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