TOSIBOX VPN security for BMS

TOSIBOX VPN security for BMS

If you’ve heard of TOSIBOX® you may be aware that TOSIBOX VPN security for BMS brings security, savings and efficiency to building automation. You may still be wondering though; how much more security can TOSIBOX VPN security for BMS provide me with than other VPN? Simply put, TOSIBOX is the least complex and most cost effective way to remotely access multiple BMS systems safely and securely.

TOSIBOX VPN security for bms


TOSIBOX VPN offers a bolted door of security

A front door provides an entrance into a building and passage from outside in. It facilitates freedom of travel between public and private spaces into a facility or home. A closed door impedes travel and represents a basic implied barrier to the entrance. Doors are used not only to moderate human traffic but also to provide protection from incidental intrusion by vermin and insects. How many people leave the doors to their home not merely unlocked but wide open, effectively encouraging freedom of entry?

The many unsecured doors to your facility

How many commercial or institutional facilities leave their doors wide open? Perhaps more to the point, how about the doors to their mechanical and electrical equipment rooms? Likely very few. Why? The equipment in those rooms is expensive, complex, and play an important role in the effective operation of a facility. Improper operation can threaten the health and welfare of the facility and the people inside. For these reasons, doors to mechanical and electrical equipment rooms need to be secured behind a lock, impeding, or even prohibiting access.

Enter TOSIBOX VPN security

Are your doors locked?  While many Building Management Systems controllers have a basic door, password and login in security, if they are connected to the internet the basic door is not enough. TOSIBOX offer a bolted door with a lock and key where only authorised users can gain access to the controllers prior to entering the basic login and password security. VPN’s are a great way to secure remote access to your BMS, they are cost effective but very complex to install and maintain and requires advanced IT knowledge to install. TOSIBOX’s plug and go lock and key VPN solution allows an engineer with basic knowledge to become the VPN expert in maintain installing secure solution. Close and lock the doors to your vital system. Don’t let the vermin into your BMS!!