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Fidelix FX Spider TOSIBOX Readiness

TOSIBOX Readiness is directly integrated into Fidelix controllers FX-3000-C and FX-Spider-40/10. Two of IBC partners, Fidelix and TOSIBOX, have united to offer enhanced secure remote access into Fidelix’s flagship products. This collaboration delivers end users and building owners enhanced security and connectivity, making it easier for both system integrators and end-users to manage and control their systems remotely. Fidelix controllers are an Open BMS solution that’s 100% freely programmable with no hidden charges down the line. Request a product presentation or price list. Training and support is available for IBC customers of Fidelix.

Fidelix is IBC’s newest partner in HVAC controls, while IBC has been a proud partner of TOSIBOX since 2020. All relevant technical downloads for Fidelix with TOSIBOX Readiness are available below under title ‘Downloads’.  Fidelix is available to order today.

TOSIBOX Readiness into FX-3000-C

What is TOSIBOX Readiness

Traditionally, using VPN hardware devices required additional setup, configuration, and maintenance, which can be complex and time-consuming for system integrators and end-users. By integrating TOSIBOX Readiness directly into the existing products, Fidelix is simplifying the process and making secure remote access more accessible overall, while remaining user-friendly. In a nutshell, TOSIBOX Readiness means:

1.Less devices à simple architecture, cost-effective solution and less maintenance

2.Internet connection via Ethernet cable or 4G- USB modem

3.Solution is compatible with existing products like TOSIBOX® Key, TOSIBOX® SoftKey and TOSIBOX® Mobile Client

4.Tosibox Readiness can also be connected with TOSIBOX® Virtual Central Lock or TOSIBOX® Central Lock

For more see TOSIBOX data security explained .

Benefits of Fidelix Controllers With TOSIBOX Readiness

  • Provides secure remote VPN connection
  • Firewall not included (devices have own firewall)
  • Supports 5 simultaneous VPN connections
  • Can be remotely activated if there is an internet connection available
  • Can be configured as a Sub-Lock, no Master-Lock functionality (paired with keys or central locks)
  • Layer 3 Level communication (No bridged connection)
  • Eliminates the need for separate Virtual Private Network (VPN) hardware devices, streamlining the process and potentially reducing costs for customers.
  • No need for specialised hardware or extensive technical knowledge
  • Offers a significant convenience via activation of the security function within the existing product to establish a secure VPN connection. This may be particularly appealing to organisations that want to ensure secure remote management of their building automation systems, while minimising the complexity and costs associated with setting up and maintaining additional hardware.
  • TOSIBOX product integration prioritise security and ease of use in building automation systems, ultimately benefiting customers who rely on these systems to efficiently manage and control their facilities.

TOSIBOX is known for its expertise in providing secure IoT connectivity solutions, and by collaborating with Fidelix, they aim to address the growing need for secure and reliable remote access to building automation systems. Secure remote access is crucial to ensure that authorised personnel can manage and monitor these systems remotely without compromising the security of the infrastructure.

By integrating TOSIBOX Readiness into their products, Fidelix offers out-of-the-box solution that allows for secure remote access, reducing the complexity and potential vulnerabilities associated with setting up remote access manually. This can also simplify the deployment and maintenance process for building automation systems, making them more accessible and manageable.

Brief Overview of Fidelix FX Controllers

Fidelix Spider TOSIBOX Readiness

IBC recommends getting started with the cornerstone of Fidelix BMS, the FDX Compact range, which are 100% freely programmable. Versatile solutions for building automation control. Maximum compatibility, fast configuration and setup with added ease of use.

FX-3000-C – Full Control, Ultimate Compatibility

The FX-3000-C all-in-one system is designed for larger buildings, such as hospitals, schools, shopping malls and larger apartment complexes.

  • Built-in router
  • IEEE 802.1X support
  • BMS controller with BACnet B-BC profile.
  • Unique in its kind, it is 100% freely configurable.
  • View more.

FX-Spider-40/10 – Fast, Intelligent, Clear and Easy-to-Use Local Control

The FX-Spider-40/10 is ideal for building automation renovations due to its compact size and easy installation.

  • 40 integrated I/O’s
  • 10.1” touch screen.
  • BACnet, Modbus and M-Bus protocols.
  • Integrated web server, history logging, user management etc
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Useful Technical Downloads

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