The first Niagara 4.8 controller with built-in M-Bus interface

Introducing iSMA-B-MAC36NL-M!

Meet the little controller with big aspirations. This little guy has been making waves in the BMS industry; it took home the award for Hybrid IoT Controller of the Year at the 2019 Control Trends Awards, houses capabilities to bring big building technology to small sized buildings and now IBC’s new partner, iSMA (GC5), have continued their steep steps in innovation by introducing the iSMA-B-MAC36NL-M.  

Flexible, independent, powerful

controller featuresThe third version of this controller extends its impressive portfolio to become the first Niagara 4.8 controller with built-in M-Bus interface!

iSMA-B-MAC36NL-M at a glance (software bundle version v1.3)

iSMA-B-MAC36NL-M controller

  • The first Niagara 4.8 controller with built-in M-Bus interface, oh did we mention that already? OK, OK moving on;
  • This version of the master application controller replaces the second RS485 with M-Bus interface
  • Max M-Bus devices that can be connected is 20
  • Web engine: User fonts support and a pop-up control for the HDMI
  • Device extension auto-recognition shown in the “Product” field in
    the Niagara Platform (works from v2.1 hardware version)

For full release notes see here

Introducing IBC’s in-house engineer

Want to know more? No, not with PDF downloads of datasheets and manuals, although you can find those here, but with a one to one technical call with IBC’s in house engineer and iSMA certified trainer Szymon Drozdek. He’s at your disposal via phone, email or video call.

Szymon is here to help you navigate every aspect of technical support from design, training and post-sales support across the IBC range of Building Energy Management Systems, Trend Controls, Reliable Controls and iSMA. Niagara training will be provided in due course.

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