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TOSIBOX Readiness Fidelix Secure Remote Access

Fidelix FX Spider TOSIBOX Readiness

TOSIBOX Readiness is directly integrated into Fidelix controllers FX-3000-C and FX-Spider-40/10. Two of IBC partners, Fidelix and TOSIBOX, have united to offer enhanced secure remote access into Fidelix’s flagship products. This collaboration delivers end users and building owners enhanced security and connectivity, making it easier for both system integrators and end-users to manage and control […]

Fidelix – Open BMS Solution

Fidelix at IBC new product post

Introducing Fidelix, IBC’s newest partner in scalable HVAC controls, offers a complete and comprehensive range of open BMS technology. Built by systems integrators with expertise in reliable control solutions, Fidelix systems can be found in locations such as office buildings, hospitals, schools, hotels, warehouses, care homes, parking facilities and shopping centres. Based on open interfaces, […]

Operation of HVAC systems during the COVID-19 pandemic

operation of hvac

The operation of HVAC systems during the COVID-19 pandemic has changed due to building inoccupancy, attempts to create a safer building atmosphere when we return to work, and the need for engineers and other building service personnel to access the BMS remotely. ASHRAE leadership has approved the following two statements regarding transmission of SARS-CoV-2 and […]

Introducing TOSIBOX® Lock 200 Series

TOSIBOX Lock 200

Intelligent Building Controls (IBC) are pleased to announce a new generation in industry leading VPN security for BMS. Introducing TOSIBOX® Lock 200 Series with two efficient connectivity devices: TOSIBOX® Lock 250 with integrated WiFi TOSIBOX® Lock 210 These Lock units provide a secure end-point for any type of operational infrastructure. Whether you are adding to your […]