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Kit for Fan Coil Units – All in One Product

iSMA CONTROLLI kit for fan-coil units Connects Fan Coil Units directly to the building hydraulic network. Available to order today! Relevant datasheets are found at the end of this post. Benefits of the Kit for Fan-Coil Units Each kit for fan-coil units includes a built-in, factory-assembled set of valves and accessories to reduce onsite installation […]

SAUTER Smart Actuator

SAUTER Smart Actuator

SAUTER Smart Actuator range offers functionalities that contribute to elevating the intelligence and efficiency of smart buildings. What makes this IoT enabled smart actuator worth a look? Valves and actuators are key components in energy distribution and are deployed in heating and ventilation systems as well as in room automation. However, time and again, traditional […]

SAUTER New Distribution Partnership With IBC

SAUTER featured

IBC expands its product portfolio with SAUTER. Specialising in energy-efficient solutions, they develop, produce, and sell products and systems that guarantee energy-optimised building operations through comprehensive services. Their extensive portfolio covers the entire building life cycle, from planning and implementation to operation, catering to various facilities including offices, hospitals, and data centres. With over 100 […]

IBC and Regin – New Distribution Partnership

IBC and Regin

Intelligent Building Controls Ltd. (IBC) are pleased to announce a new distribution partnership with Regin for the island of Ireland. Regin provides comprehensive solutions for building automation, including intuitive BMS-solutions, freely programmable and pre-programmed controllers, field devices and more. Regin work with all major protocols; BACnet, Modbus, M-Bus, DALI, and KNX. IBC and Regin – […]

Universal Valve Actuator, Yes or No?

Universal Valve Actuator

Universal Valve Actuator Guide     Choosing the right valve actuator is essential for smooth operations and efficiency in your systems. Here’s everything you need to know about selecting a universal valve actuator, tailored for customers and installers.     Understanding Universal Valve Actuators     Universal valve actuators are popular choices, offering versatility across various systems. While […]

MVC Actuator with Modbus by iSMA CONTROLLI

Controlli MVC503R-M

iSMA CONTROLLI MVC Actuator is the compact choice suitable for globe valves and PICVs. The latest release in the MVC family has evolved to include Modbus, the MVC503R-MB. MVC with Modbus is an electro-mechanical design with electronic emergency return. MVC503R-MB actuator with fail safe function can be used with valves push/pull (using auto stroke calibration […]

Stainless Steel Valves – 2TIA.L and 3TIA

Stainless Steel Valves iSMA CONTROLLI

Stainless Steel Valves range from iSMA CONTROLLI are made up of 2 and 3-way mixing valves in AISI304 steel, known as 2TIA.L and 3TIA Family. These control valves are available to order from IBC now, and can be motorised via iSMA CONTROLLI actuators, the bestselling MVE (order long yoke version) and MVH. When it comes […]

iSMA CONTROLLI FCU Valves Brass, Composite

iSMA CONTROLLI Valves composite v brass blog

IBC stocks a selection of iSMA CONTROLLI FCU valves and is available to order, alongside the entire iSMA CONTROLLI range, from an IBC rep. Below is a quick glance guide of popular iSMA CONTROLLI FCU valves. The entire valve and actuator range from iSMA CONTROLLI can be viewed and downloaded here. PIUMA – Ultra-light high […]

Composite valves by iSMA CONTROLLI

isma controlli VP composite valves

Light weight composite valves available from IBC. iSMA CONTROLLI Italy S.p.A presents its latest release: the VP family of composite valves for FCUs. VPS, VPM and VPT represent a family of valves that are uniquely innovative thanks to the valves high-performance composite polymer material used for the valve body and internal parts. This offering is […]

Control valve new Controlli EBV

control valve controlli

New generation EBV intelligent control valve The new control valve, including the actuators, from Controlli is manufactured entirely on site. The new EBV is perfectly designed to keep up with the energy efficiency needs of the Building Automation industry. Modern control valves should be able to directly control the heat transfer and not only the […]