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SAUTER Smart Actuator

SAUTER Smart Actuator

SAUTER Smart Actuator range offers functionalities that contribute to elevating the intelligence and efficiency of smart buildings. What makes this IoT enabled smart actuator worth a look? Valves and actuators are key components in energy distribution and are deployed in heating and ventilation systems as well as in room automation. However, time and again, traditional […]

Fan-coil Controller for EC Fans – Regin

Regin Room Controllers featured

Regin’s fan-coil controller for EC fans stand out as a premier choice for ensuring both optimal room comfort and energy efficiency across a variety of room types. Intended for control of thermal actuators or an actuator with 3-position function (increase-decrease), and also has a function for control of a 0…10 V EC fan. The RCF-230CTD-EC […]

Modbus RTU IO Modules by Fidelix

Utilise Modbus RTU (RS485) protocol within Fidelix IO Modules to seamlessly integrate with almost every third party BMS controller. Each IO module uses a single address rather than 8 or 16 addresses, saving the license fee on third party controllers, allowing max flexibility for technicians, installers and end-users. There are different types of Fidelix IO […]

Niagara 4.10 iSMA MAC36NL new features

Niagara 4.10 isma mac36nl

Niagara 4.10 is here for iSMA-MAC36NL. This bestseller is already a very capable controller with features that match the demands of buildings large and small. With the latest update to Niagara 4.10, the MAC36NL continues to evolve delivering even more new features, security updates and bug fixes. This update is included in the new iSMA-B-MAC36NL Files […]

Embedded Wi-Fi controllers by EasyIO

wi-fi embedded controller

The F-Series from EasyIO by Johnson Controls offers flexibility and unmatched performance offering key outcomes for common installation types. For more on the FS as a mini BMS view here, and for FW view here. Extend network possibilities with embedded Wi-Fi controllers from EasyIO. Outlined below is some common ways to get the most out […]

iSMA modbus tunnel

isma modbus tunnel

What is iSMA Modbus Tunnel? iSMA’s Modbus Tunnel is a Niagara 4 service and was created to improve the iSMA Solution within Niagara Framework. Made to work seamlessly with FCU Updater and iSMA Configurator with devices connected via Modbus RTU on any Niagara controller! Like Modbus controller iSMA-B-MAC36NL-M, take a look! Use Niagara controllers as […]