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Niagara Controller MAC36NL Achieves BTL Certification

Niagara controller

Niagara controller MAC36NL from IBC partner iSMA CONTROLLI achieves BTL Certification. The MAC36NL range of hybrid IoT controllers is certified under the BACnet Building Controller (B-BC) profile for Niagara The BTL Certification for this top selling Niagara controller signifies its compatibility and reliability within BACnet systems, ensuring seamless integration and optimal functionality for building automation […]

JACE 8000 End-of-Life Schedule

JACE 8000 Tridium

JACE 8000 is reaching its end-of-life (EOL). Before exploring its highly advanced successor, JACE 9000, in more detail, Tridium have announced some important dates to note before JACE 8000’s (J8 henceforth) EOL. Niagara 4.15 is planned to launch in Q3 2024. It will be a long-term supported release, and the last supported Niagara 4 version […]


iSMA MAC36PRO controller Niagara

Introducing iSMA MAC36PRO, the next generation of the bestselling Master Application Controllers powered by Niagara Framework. The controller features a robust Quad-Core 1.6 GHz processor, a doubled capacity for both RAM and storage, and an exceptional visualisation system equipped with HDMI and USB support. Its compact size, versatile peripherals, and robust local visualisation make it […]


iSMA CONTROLLI AAC20 MAC36NL updates July 2023

IBC controls partner iSMA CONTROLLI have two new updates available for MAC36NL and AAC20, which aims to greatly enhance performance. Relevant technical downloads and models currently in stock can be found below from July’s iSMA CONTROLLI updates. MAC36NL Update: Niagara Version 4.12U2 Support In a nutshell, this update (v1.9) includes significant improvements and fixes to […]



iSMA CONTROLLI MAX IO Modules is IBC’s top pick from our partner’s second product and updates release of 2023, release 1 can be viewed here. MAX I/O aims to fill a gap with the elimination of costly I/O waste, particularly for larger projects, by reducing the number of modules with Digital Inputs (DI) and/or Digital […]

iSMA MAC36NL with Niagara 4.11U1 and BACnet Updates

iSMA MAC36NL Niagara 4.11 updates cover

Product updates for Hybrid IoT controller iSMA MAC36NL with Niagara 4.11U1 and BACnet Secure Connect. Built by iSMA CONTROLLI S.p.A. and distributed by Irish Partner IBC, this bestselling and award winning master application controller, the iSMA-B-MAC36NL, offers hard to beat end-user building security and efficiency. The latest version of MAC36NL is its most powerful yet: […]

Niagara 4.10 iSMA MAC36NL new features

Niagara 4.10 isma mac36nl

Niagara 4.10 is here for iSMA-MAC36NL. This bestseller is already a very capable controller with features that match the demands of buildings large and small. With the latest update to Niagara 4.10, the MAC36NL continues to evolve delivering even more new features, security updates and bug fixes. This update is included in the new iSMA-B-MAC36NL Files […]

Niagara framework: an overview

Tridium Niagara at IBC

This overview of Niagara Framework aims to inform on why Niagara is so popular in the Building Automation Industry and what features make it so. Written from the personal experiences of IBC’s own Niagara TCP certified engineer, Szymon Drozdek, the overview of Niagara Framework is designed to help those thinking about investing in Tridium’s products […]