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Ball Valves for Hot, Cold, or Glycol-mixed Water in HVAC Systems

Ball valves industrie technik new

New Ball Valves from Industrie Technik designed for control of hot, cold or glycol mixed water in heating and ventilation systems. The BVH2/BVH3 are internally threaded 2-way and 3-way ball valves. Available in sizes DN15 to DN50, with Kvs values ranging from 4 to 63. ​The valves have a pressure rating of PN20 and a […]

Gas detection for HVAC systems

Gas detection for hvac system

Gas detection for HVAC is a critical component of a comprehensive safety strategy. Investing in gas detection technology not only safeguards the well-being of occupants but also protects valuable HVAC equipment. As technology continues to advance, integrating state-of-the-art gas detection systems into commercial buildings becomes essential for maintaining a safe and comfortable indoor environment. IBC […]

Co2 Sensors Industrie Technik In Stock

CO2 sensors blog in stock industrie technik

IBC have high quality Co2 sensors from Industrie Technik in stock and ready to ship. The TCO2A and TCO2C range are some of IBC’s best selling Co2 and temperature transmitters, and are commonly employed in HVAC systems to monitor indoor air quality. These BEMS essentials are designed for room mounting or air duct mounting. Industrie […]

New Fan-Coil Controller by Industrie Technik

Fan-coil controller industrie technik new evolution split

New fan-coil controller from IBC partner Industrie Technik. Evolution Split is designed for smart, easy, and cost-efficient installations that make multiple fan coil control simple. Downloads related to Evolution Split can be found at the end of this post. Top features from this latest release in fan coil control for rooms include: Maintain optimal CO2 […]

Clamp on thermostats Industrie Technik

clamp on thermostats ip65

Clamp on thermostats DBAT range frost protection. Get winter ready with Industrie Technik‘s range of clamp on thermostats, IP65. The DBAT electromechanical thermostats are made of two parts: a fluid filled capillary tube and a housing containing the sensor that transmits temperature variations to a micro-switch with SPDT contacts. The micro-switch is capable of interrupting […]

CO2 sensors in HVAC applications

co2 sensors

The demand for CO2 sensors from IBC customers is on the rise due to the implementation Covid-19 strategies, with occupant health and comfort top of mind. IBC carry a wide range of CO2 transmitters with many, including Industrie Technik, which are in stock at IBC’s warehouse. Browse all sensors or contact an IBC rep who […]