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Adiatec High Pressure System From DriSteem

Adiatec High Pressure System featured image

The Adiatec High Pressure System, from IBC partner DriSteem, is a high-pressure atomisation system that offers a range of benefits for evaporative cooling and humidification. ​ With its energy-efficient design, it provides both direct and indirect evaporative cooling, effectively lowering the dry bulb air temperature while raising the relative humidity level. ​This system is highly […]

DriSteem DriCalc engineer resource

dristeem dricalc

DriSteem DriCalc is a software tool committed to making the process of selecting the best humidification system as easy as possible. Used by agencies and reps worldwide, it’s a collaborative platform for working with your local Rep. IBC Partner DriSteem use this engineering tool as the primary method for sizing, selecting, pricing, and ordering all […]

RTS RX humidifier new from DriSteem

DriSteem RTS RX

The new DriSteem RTS RX Series humidifier is a flexible and elegant cabinet-style unit ideal for any application where reliable humidity control is needed. The RTS is a reliable, consistent, industrial-grade humidifier featuring high-accuracy and easy maintenance in a complete and versatile package. RTS RX humidifier has 21 basic models, with capacities up to 324 […]

GTS LX Series Humidifier


The GTS LX Series Humidifier by DriSteem is the only gas-fired humidifier that combines the highest efficiency on the market with ultra-low NOx in a single design. You can contact IBC anytime for further information on any DriSteem product or, to get started, why not let IBC’s experienced DriSteem representative, Richard Costa, provide you with […]

Humidify to fight COVID-19 with DriSteem

dristeem covid-19

DriSteem have long since presented significant evidence about the impact of increasing relative humidity (RH) to 40 to 60%, in order to reduce the capacity of viruses to survive on surfaces or spread between humans. You can read IBC‘s dedicated humidity page here. As COVID-19 continues to impact our lives, there is a very real […]