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MVE Network Actuators Range

Network actuators MVE range

The MVE Network Actuators range from iSMA CONTROLLI are multiprotocol network actuators for PICV and Globe Valves with energy and temperature control functions, BACnet MS/TP, Modbus RTU, RS- 485 connectivity. Also available with emergency fail safe function (MVE5xxxR-2-RS models). iSMA CONTROLLI’s whole range of intelligent network actuators integrate perfectly with MAC36NL controllers and Sedona based […]

Energy Efficiency Grant Ireland 2024

Energy efficiency grant

In today’s competitive and eco-conscious market, an energy efficiency grant for small businesses are crucial for promoting sustainability and reducing operational costs. These grants support businesses in adopting energy-efficient technologies, which can enhance profitability and environmental responsibility. IBC, a leading HVAC distributor based in Dublin, Ireland, established in 2005, specialises in energy-saving building management systems. […]

Fan-coil Controller for EC Fans – Regin

Regin Room Controllers featured

Regin’s fan-coil controller for EC fans stand out as a premier choice for ensuring both optimal room comfort and energy efficiency across a variety of room types. Intended for control of thermal actuators or an actuator with 3-position function (increase-decrease), and also has a function for control of a 0…10 V EC fan. The RCF-230CTD-EC […]

Fidelix Building Automation Systems – Case Study

Fidelix building automation system

Fidelix building automation systems have a significant impact on a building’s energy consumption. Fidelix, in close collaboration with its customers, show us that continuous monitoring helps improve efficiency leading to significant energy savings. This was once again evident at Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre, after the energy efficiency strategy was systematically improved together with the […]