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EasyIO controllers the solution set

EasyIO solution set kit

IBC stocks a large selection of EasyIO controllers, which offer outstanding performance and unparalleled flexibility in a Building Management System (BMS), all from Johnson Controls. The EasyIO ecosystem is at the core of all its controllers with a couple of key differences. FS EasyIO Controllers the JACE alternative This FS controller is a cost-effective “mini” […]

IBC EasyIO by JCI Product Open Day

IBC EasyIO kit

Intelligent Building Controls Ltd. (IBC) and Johnson Controls [JCI] are pleased to announce EasyIO Product Open Day on Wednesday, 27th April 2022. The Open Day will be held at IBC Offices and Warehouse in Oak Road Business Park, Oak Road, Dublin 12C920. View address and directions. Open Day Times All are welcome any time between […]

EasyIO FT-04 BACnet implementation

EasyIO FT-04

The stand alone control of EasyiIO FT-04 is a versatile small form factor controller with big BACnet capabilities. The WiFi only EasyIO FT-04 might be pocket sized, but it’s a compact and powerful device ideal for: * Hard to reach equipment* Utilising small spaces* Localised lighting control* Remote IO* Temperature control and monitoring* On/off control […]

EasyIO PRAC+ adaptive tuning

easyio prac

The latest release information for EasyIO PRAC+. Pattern Recognition Adaptive Control (PRAC+) is a patented Johnson Controls technology for automatic PID tuning. PRAC+ cuts commissioning time – as does its extensive list of predefined, selectable control loops. Plus, there’s no need for manual retuning; as conditions change, EasyIO automatically brings controls back to the optimal […]

Embedded Wi-Fi controllers by EasyIO

wi-fi embedded controller

The F-Series from EasyIO by Johnson Controls offers flexibility and unmatched performance offering key outcomes for common installation types. For more on the FS as a mini BMS view here, and for FW view here. Extend network possibilities with embedded Wi-Fi controllers from EasyIO. Outlined below is some common ways to get the most out […]

EasyIO FW Series in small buildings

EasyIO FW Series

EasyIO FW Series by Johnson Controls are the market’s most flexible controllers with robust equipment and space control. Not only is the FW Series a robust piece of hardware it’s also resourceful, making rooftop units, AHU’s, FCUs, or any kind of room-application a mini BMS. As with any EasyIO controller they are flexible enough to […]

EasyIO FS Series in small buildings


EasyIO FS Series by Johnson Controls offers excellent flexibility with a controller that’s fully programmable via EasylO CPT Tools and supports all BMS protocols. The EasyIO FS Series is a great alternative to JACE, especially when a JACE is cost prohibitive. The FS is like a mini BMS that is cost effective, making small-medium sized […]