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DriSteem Dehumidifier Evair RL Series Advantages

DriSteem dehumidifiers - install

DriSteem dehumidifier Evair RL Series is IBC’s feature product spotlight for the summer season! Prepare for summer’s increased humidity with DriSteem’s Evair RL series, the simple solution for protecting assets by controlling moisture in commercial and industrial spaces. Every building is a candidate for dehumidification. Whether it’s in manufacturing, production, healthcare, high-density living, laboratories, museums, […]

Adiatec High Pressure System From DriSteem

Adiatec High Pressure System featured image

The Adiatec High Pressure System, from IBC partner DriSteem, is a high-pressure atomisation system that offers a range of benefits for evaporative cooling and humidification. ​ With its energy-efficient design, it provides both direct and indirect evaporative cooling, effectively lowering the dry bulb air temperature while raising the relative humidity level. ​This system is highly […]

Steam Humidifiers: Elevate Building Humidity Levels with DriSteem’s XT Series

Steam humidifiers electric

XT Series electrode steam humidifiers from DriSteem provide humidification for a wide range of buildings, including health care, commercial, industrial, and government facilities. The XT series electrode humidifier uses heat caused by electrical resistance in conductive fill water to boil the water into steam. Automatic drain and fill cycles keep electrical current within demand parameters, […]

Upcoming Industry Events 2024

IBC have a compiled a list of upcoming industry events for 2024. We look forward to seeing you there! Driven by Sustainability in the Irish Pharmaceutical Processing Sector 27th February 2024 – Aviva Stadium Stadium The Theme of Sustainability within the pharmaceutical processing and manufacturing sector has never been more important! For many years larger […]

DriSteem Humidistats with BACnet

DriSteem humidistats BACnet

DriSteem Humidistats are now available with its latest development that includes the option for BACnet capability. BACnet model TRI2 enables pressurised steam dispersion to communicate humidifier demand, and provide status in the space to a building automation system. Humidifier status and its accompanying data are often overlooked, with humidity control resting not only with the […]

DriSteem DriCalc engineer resource

dristeem dricalc

DriSteem DriCalc is a software tool committed to making the process of selecting the best humidification system as easy as possible. Used by agencies and reps worldwide, it’s a collaborative platform for working with your local Rep. IBC Partner DriSteem use this engineering tool as the primary method for sizing, selecting, pricing, and ordering all […]

RTS RX humidifier new from DriSteem

DriSteem RTS RX

The new DriSteem RTS RX Series humidifier is a flexible and elegant cabinet-style unit ideal for any application where reliable humidity control is needed. The RTS is a reliable, consistent, industrial-grade humidifier featuring high-accuracy and easy maintenance in a complete and versatile package. RTS RX humidifier has 21 basic models, with capacities up to 324 […]

GTS LX Series Humidifier


The GTS LX Series Humidifier by DriSteem is the only gas-fired humidifier that combines the highest efficiency on the market with ultra-low NOx in a single design. You can contact IBC anytime for further information on any DriSteem product or, to get started, why not let IBC’s experienced DriSteem representative, Richard Costa, provide you with […]

Humidify to fight COVID-19 with DriSteem

dristeem covid-19

DriSteem have long since presented significant evidence about the impact of increasing relative humidity (RH) to 40 to 60%, in order to reduce the capacity of viruses to survive on surfaces or spread between humans. You can read IBC‘s dedicated humidity page here. As COVID-19 continues to impact our lives, there is a very real […]