Reliable Controls MACH-ProView

Reliable Controls MACH-ProView

The Reliable Controls MACH-ProView LCD is a powerful and elegant BACnet Building Controller (B-BC) and BACnet Operator Display (B-OD) which provides a plenitude of attractive, high resolution, graphical interfaces to access, control, and monitor the comfort and energy of any space.

The MACH-ProView LCD offers many exciting features for your BACnet needs including:

Large Touch Screen Display
• Displays full color graphics, runtime logs, alarms, and schedules
• Display can be configured to be always on or to blank after 10-100 seconds of idle time

Provided in many Languages including:

• English  • Mandarin

• French   • Portuguese

• German • Spanish

• Italian

• Allows related objects to be displayed on
and accessed from the LCD
• Configurable screens include SPACEview, LISTview, STATview, TRENDview, ALARMview, SCHEDULEview, RUNTIMEview, and CONFIGURATIONview


Reliable Controls also offers a 5 year warranty on the MACH-ProView as they are confident in the quality of the product


Download the datasheet today to find out more information and features of the product.

Click here to look at the ProView range of products.

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