RC-Studio BACnet Advanced Workstation Software


Recognised as the ultimate all‑in‑one engineering tool, RC‑Studio® from Reliable Controls provides a multivendor, multiprotocol integration solution for database, alarming, scheduling, trending, and sequence of operation programming. This easy-to-use, easy-to-learn BACnet Advanced Workstation (B‑AWS) allows you to develop a complete and customised graphical user interface for monitoring and controlling any application at any scale. The real-time energy management and integrated fault detection and diagnostic capabilities in RC-Studio will empower you to improve your facility’s operational efficiency and occupant comfort while maintaining your sustainability goals.

RC-Studio main features

Advanced Workstation

  • Automatic BACnet discovery of all devices.
  • Ability to retain discovered devices between sessions.
  • Create/delete and drag BACnet objects.
  • Intuitive database worksheets.
  • Cut and paste program code.
  • Full priority array control.
  • Workstation Groups for third-party BACnet integration without MACH-System controllers.

All-In-One Programmability

  • Program inputs, outputs, values, loops, arrays, schedules, and calendars.
  • Program runtime logs, Single-point Trend Logs, and Multipoint Trend Logs.
  • Editor for writing sequence of operation code, including syntax highlighting and watch lists.
  • System Group editor for building graphics using RC-GrafxSet images and animations as well as for annotating objects, Landing Pads, and keywords and linking to other graphics or networked content.
  • Program and System Group changes can be easily sent to multiple controllers using Send Multiple and Templates features.
  • Select and modify multiple System Group annotations with a single action.

Automated File Synchronization

  • Automated synchronization of System Group files between workstations.
  • Synchronize support files with RC-WebView® or a MACH-ProWeb controller.
  • Full configuration of a MACH-ProWeb controller across any BACnet network.


  • Deploy and update multiple MACH-System controllers with a single Panel File Template.
  • Changes are automatically propagated across the network to selected controllers.

Simulate Mode

  • Program an entire system offline without the need for controller hardware.

Graphic Support

  • .bmp, .jpg, and .png background images.
  • HTML5 animation graphics from RC-GrafxSet for animating equipment, buttons, dashboards, charts, gauges, maps, IFDD FlexTiles, RC-Reporter components, and much more.
  • Custom-designed color picker allows you to pick the color of your choice.
  • Links to URLs, keywords, and other System Group graphics.

Network Management

  • Alarm monitoring and annunciation to screen, email, and printer.
  • Wildcard searching and report generation.
  • Customized Point Reports.
  • Manual Points Report.
  • Automated network backup.


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Line-base code, not so scary?

IBC’s BMS Engineer, Szymon Drozdek, walks us through his experiences with RC controllers programming using line-base code. Scary or not?

Once I realised that the RC Controllers programming method is done by line-based code instead of Object-oriented, as I know from other well-known Building Automation Systems Manufacturers, I became very sceptical.

I think most BMS Engineers have very similar feelings when they hear about line-based code nowadays. These feelings create a major obstacle that is big enough to prevent technical staff from investigating the topic deeper and check if it is worthy to invest or not.