Niagara 4.10 iSMA MAC36NL new features

Niagara 4.10 isma mac36nl

Niagara 4.10 is here for iSMA-MAC36NL. This bestseller is already a very capable controller with features that match the demands of buildings large and small. With the latest update to Niagara 4.10, the MAC36NL continues to evolve delivering even more new features, security updates and bug fixes. This update is included in the new iSMA-B-MAC36NL Files Installer V1.5. Ask about iSMA solutions from IBC’s experienced tech team here.

What to expect from Niagara 4.10

  • Improved Graphics Performance on iSMA-B-MAC36NL

Utilizes new UxMedia type to achieve faster graphics load time and enable instantaneous feedback on changing values. Niagara 4.10 will help you convert your existing PX graphics to a contemporary UI based on browser standards via a built-in migration tool!

  • MQTT Updates

A new MQTT Authenticator enabling JWT authentication (Google) enables seamless connectivity for Google-Cloud based applications.

  • Supervisor Edge Licensing Scheme for Niagara Network Connections

With the new licensing schema you can connect up to 10 times more iSMA-B-MAC36NL devices (with license up to 150 points) to a Supervisor for the same price.

and more:

  • System DB Support for Tag Based PX
  • Video Surveillance Viewer
  • HTML5 Tag Manager

niagara 4.10 mac36nl


Niagara 4.9 U1 for iSMA-B-MAC36NL

Take advantage of the security updates and bug fixes while using Niagara 4.9 with the latest Niagara 4.9 U1 support on iSMA-B-MAC36NL

What does iSMA MAC36NL have to offer?

✔flexibility is one of the main advantages of iSMA-B-MAC36NL controllers! Whenever an additional RS485 port is needed or M-Bus port to integrate an additional network, there is a version for that!

✔operability of commercial buildings can be significantly improved thanks to just one powerful controller! 36 I/O onboard for monitoring and control, trends, alarms, HTML5 visualisation, and ability to integrate all the protocols that exist in the building!

✔safety and security of your IT and OT systems thanks to secured SSL connectivity, two separated Ethernet ports with certifications, and IT compliance!

✔reducing energy costs and at the same moment improving the performance of the building is one of the main goals that can be achieved while using iSMA-B-MAC36NL for BMS.

✔smart buildings concept brings buildings or a group of buildings to the cloud by one of the chosen protocols such as MQTT, to maximize efficiency, monitor and optimize the operation of the building to minimize maintenance cost.

✔HMI built-in the controller with on-board HDMI and USB ports that can serve as a local interface, while still running #webserver that can be accessed globally from any place on the world!

Take advantage of these new improvements and features from one of IBC’s best-selling controllers!

Things are just easier with iSMA!


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