New Updates to the Dristeem GTS LX series launched!

GTS LX Series

New Updates to the Dristeem GTS LX series launched!

Exciting updates to the Dristeem GTS® LX product line have just been launched!


The larger sizes of Dristeem GTS humidifier LX Series are being built and shipped.* Capacities now range from 50-600 lbs/hr (23 to 272 kg/h).


All LX models now have a more compact outdoor enlosure launched. Furthermore the new outdoor enclosure features convenient plumbing connections and quarter-turn latches on the doors for easy access to the unit. Along with the more compact size, the price of the outdoor LX Series has been reduced.


A final update to the LX Series is a touchscreen display for the Vapor-logic® controller. This 5” intuitive touchscreen display is now shipping on all LX models. It features color-coded alerts, on-screen rep contact information, a help button on every screen, and a quick diagnosis screen for faster, more reliable start-ups.

The GTS LX series, which was selected as 2018’s money saving product by BUILDINGS Magazine still continues to impress us and deliver great results for a great price.

See below for updated literature and training materials – please log in to to view all of these files.

Dristeem GTS LX Training Materials:

• Competitive Reference Guide
• How It Works
• Frequently Asked Questions

Touchscreen Display Training Materials:

• Touchscreen Flyer
• Frequently Asked Questions

Updated Literature:

• GTS LX Brochure
• Touchscreen Display Vapor-logic IOM

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