MVC Actuator with Modbus by iSMA CONTROLLI

Controlli MVC503R-M

Controlli MVC-R-MB MODBUS iSMA CONTROLLI MVC Actuator is the compact choice suitable for globe valves and PICVs. The latest release in the MVC family has evolved to include Modbus, the MVC503R-MB. MVC with Modbus is an electro-mechanical design with electronic emergency return. MVC503R-MB actuator with fail safe function can be used with valves push/pull (using auto stroke calibration mode) or with valves with spring return using fixed stroke mode. The main application is to control hot/cool water flow rate in two/four pipes terminal units, zone, small reheating and dehumidification coils. Fail safe function is used in all the applications where there’s a need to specify the valve position (fully open or fully closed) in case of power failure.


Why choose MVC with Modbus?

Modbus control is perfect for systems with large numbers of control valves where the number of I/O points of the BMS can be drastically reduced using a field bus. MVC503R-MB is equipped with Modbus (SLAVE) communication protocol enabling the communication with other Modbus devices
(MASTER). The MVC actuator is in stock and ready to ship from Dublin, IRL. Contact IBC for quotes and queries.

Benefits of MVC503-R-MB Actuator include:

  • Simplified wiring and reduction of I / O of the control system thanks to the command via Modbus communication protocol.MVC Actuator with Modbus
  • Setting the characteristic curve of the actuator. Useful for making a valve with a linear characteristic curve an Equal Percentage.
  • Adjustment stroke setting for any remote limitation of the maximum flow rate with LIBRA valves .
  • Remote setting of the actuator speed at 5 s / mm or 3 s / mm ;
  • Advanced diagnostics with the possibility for the user to obtain information such as possible supply voltage anomalies, number of opening or closing cycles, valve locking and more.

MVC503-R-MB features include:

  • Electronic emergency return (with capacitor)
  • 300 N force
  • Fast opening/closing times
  • Self-stroking and self-adjusting
  • 24 Vac/dc power supply
  • Control signals: 0..10 V / 2–10 V / 4..20 mA
  • Feedback signal: 2..10 V

Additional features available on MVC Actuator with Modbus

  • Control signals & Feedback signal via Modbus
  • PICV flow curve changing, linear to equal-percentage
  • Actuator speed selection
  • and much more via Modbus



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