Modbus RTU IO Modules by Fidelix

Utilise Modbus RTU (RS485) protocol within Fidelix IO Modules to seamlessly integrate with almost every third party BMS controller. Each IO module uses a single address rather than 8 or 16 addresses, saving the license fee on third party controllers, allowing max flexibility for technicians, installers and end-users. There are different types of Fidelix IO Modules available to create the required mix of inputs and outputs tailored to user requirements. Downloads, such as datasheets, can be viewed or downloaded below. Modbus RTU Fidelix IO Modules are:

  • Compact – reduces the cost of panels.
  • Open solution that can be used in almost any system.
  • Easy to install and wire.
  • Different types of I/O to put together the required mix of inputs and outputs.
Modbus RTU Fidelix IO modules compact
Compact for space saving costs in panels

Overview of Modbus RTU IO Modules

Fidelix serial Modbus I/O-modules use a small set of Modbus registers to read and control connected field devices. That way, each and every PLC can communicate with Fidelix modules quickly and easily.

  • Operating voltage: 24 VDC
  • Indicator LEDs for power, bus communication, and each channel individually
  • Communication speed automatically detected from the bus
  • Push-in spring cage connectors for cables
  • Detachable terminal blocks
  • Screw-less installation with click-on feature
  • DIN-rail communication bus and power
  • T-connectors

Modbus RTU compact IO fidelix


While it’s easy to connect Fidelix IO with third party controllers, the FX-3000-C is a full solution controller, and a perfect choice for compact IO! Enjoy enhanced security with built-in TOSIBOX technology. For more on the FDX-Compact range, go to the catalogue.

Modbus RTU IO modules installed
Fidelix IO connected to third party controller


IO Module Brochure with tech specs.

FX-3000-C controller datasheet.

Fidelix product catalogue.

Contact IBC for technical queries and pricing.