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Throughout this iSMA products overview we will explore what GC5 offers building automation products under the brand name iSMA (Intelligent Solution Managing Automation). In its portfolio you can find a wide range of products from peripherals to Supervisory Tool. As a partner of Tridium Inc, iSMA products are based on Niagara Framework and Sedona Framework.

iSMA products overview: Polish made polish flag

All iSMA I/O modules and controllers are manufactured in Poland. The GC5 factory is located in Gdańsk.

I/O Modules

IBC’s iSMA products overview begins with iSMA I/O modules range, which is divided into two series: MIX and MINI series.

MIXing it up with spacing saving solutions


In the MIX series you can find MIX18 and MIX38 devices with 18 (5xUI, 5xDI, 4xDO, 4xAO) and 38 (8xUI, 12xDI, 12xDO, 6xAO) physical I/O on board.

Right now, the MIX38 is one of the most space saving solutions on the market (38x I/O -160x110x62 mm (6.2993×4.331×2.441 in). The Universal Inputs support:

  • Temperature
  • Resistance
  • Voltage
  • Current or dry contact type of the input signal.

MINI but mighty


The MINI series contains 7 different types of modules. Basically, there is 4 inputs and 4 outputs of the specific type, for example, iSMA-B-4U4O has 4xUI and 4xDO. Each MINI module is 2M size.

The MINI modules can have additional switches (DO) or potentiometers (AO) for overriding the outputs locally (Hand Control).

Communication powerhouses

Both MIX and MINI series can be equipped with RS485 or IP interface. Communication with the modules is through standard protocols Modbus or BACnet, making the modules very open to communicate with the different automation systems.


Configuration of iSMA modules can be done locally by DIP switches, rotary switches (the protocol selection is done by single DIP switch – there’s no need to order dedicated HW for specific protocol).

GC5 has released a dedicated tool for modules – the USB or network protocols connection is available. Additionally, the IP version of the modules has built-in Web Server which allows you to do the configuration through Web Browser. All you can configure through the network protocols using dedicated Modbus registers or BACnet objects.

Modbus Gateway straight out of the box

All IP versions of iSMA Modules support Modbus TCP/ Modbus RTU gateway out of the box. The function works without user configuration and allows you to reach devices (up to 64 units) on RS485 connected to the IP module through Modbus TCP.

All the iSMA modules can be powered by 24 VAC/DC.

Discover more: MIX & MINI Downloads

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The reinvention of the Sedona Framework controlleriSMA-B-AAC20

The iSMA-B-AAC20 device is a fully programable controller based on Sedona Framework. The last version of Niagara Workbench to support Sedona Framework was 3.8 (known as AX). However, Niagara 4 does not support Sedona anymore, and that’s why GC5 decided to develop their own tool to support Sedona based controllers, known as iSMA Tool. The good news is that the tool is a freeware and the newest version can be downloaded at any time from GC5’s open webpage.

AAC20: its best bits

The AAC20 controller has 22 I/O on board (8xUI, 4xDI, 4/6xAO and 4xDO). It can be ordered in different options: with LCD, additional Mbus or DALI interface. The controller supports Modbus and BACnet both through RS485 and IP. Built-in web server allows you to configure communication and local I/O as well as diagnostics. To collect alarms and trend logs the AAC20 comes with RTC and an SD Card. The device is powered by 24 VAC/DC.

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Application programming

The application programming based in the pack kits is provided by GC5. The different components need to be linked to create logical connections between I/Os, network variables etc. Advanced users can develop their own kits using JAVA based language. Sedona Framework is open and provide all the materials to do so: Read More

More about iSMA Tool

The iSMA Tool software has similarities to Niagara Workbench, so for engineers working with Niagara, the learning process of the new environment will take a few hours. The tool remains in constant development, with GC5 dedicated to monitoring its performance, improving functionality with new features, and deploying bug fixes when required.

Room control iSMA style

For Room Control GC5 offer solutions within 3 iSMA devices:

iSMA-B-FCU – fully programable, but default application provided

iSMA-B-LP – wall panel using Modbus/BACnet communication over RS485

iSMA-B-2D1B – configurable device for light & blind control

They can be connected by simple RJ12 patch cables, which provide communication (Modbus RTU/RS485) and power supply for wall panel (iSMA-B-LP).



iSMA-B-FCU is a fully programmable controller based on Sedona Framework. It is supported by iSMA Tool – same as AAC20 does. The application can be built from scratch, but GC5 provides ready default application, which supports the most popular types of FCU. Dedicated DIP-switch adjusts parameters of the default application to make it compatible with a particular FCU installation.

Because of the fact that FCU has set of I/O (4xUI, 4xDI, 5xDO, 2xTO, 3xAO = 18) on board and is fully programmable, it can be used to control different applications – not only FCU. This fact and the price make the iSMA-B-FCU very competitive product on the market.

The FCU has 2 separate RS485 – one works as Modbus Master, another as Modbus/BACnet Master-Slave. On the BACnet network the device has a unique feature which allows to exchange data with the other FCUs and with Supervisor at the same time. The device can be powered by 24VAC or 230 VAC – depends on HW version.

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iSMA-B-LP was initially dedicated to cooperate with FCU as a wall panel and set-point adjuster. With FCU’s default application LP panel is ready to use out of box. Because two open standard protocols are possible (Modbus/BACnet/RS485) the device can communicate with any device and display any Modbus register or BACnet object. Some objects are already implemented to make it possible to communicate with the FCU’s default app, but there are 6 submenus (8x Boolean value, 8x Numeric Value each) freely to use.

The iSMA Panel is monochromatic 2,3” display with 4-button keypad. Different colors and icons possible. Different HW can be ordered with temperature, humidity, or CO2 sensors in different configuration. There are 4x 8-segment displays for main value and 4x 16-segment for the name (time displaying possible).  Different icons can be displayed, blink with different frequency. Back-light of the display and keypad can by adjusted separately as well as CO2 alarm indication.

iSMA-B-LP is a typical Slave device configured by another master (FCU). GC5 provide dedicated pallets of components which make it easier to configure user-defined submenus.

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iSMA-B-2D1B is configurable device dedicated to control lights and blinds in a single area. 2x DALI interface (16 ballast max. per each) allow to control DALI ballast by broadcast commands out of box. Individual ballast control is possible after DALI network commissioning (all the DALI functions like discovery, blinking, fade rate, fade time are implemented and reachable by Modbus registers). The light can be controlled by standard relays (4A max.) as well. Signals from mono or bistable buttons need to be connected strictly with the documentation because application is implemented in the firmware. The user can adjust the app by proper DIP switch configuration. The device is powered by 230VAC.

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Niagara Framework Controller


iSMA-B-MAC36NL is an award-winning controller with Niagara Framework on board. The MAC holds all the features which Niagara Framework provides. GC5 makes the HW and adds Niagara Framework by Tridium to make it live. Because of that, the MAC has become alternative product to JACE8000 by Tridium. The licensing model consists different number of proxy points (up to 1250) and the license is maintained on the same Niagara Central account.

Comparatively to JACE8000, the MAC is equipped with 38x I/O (16x UI, 8x AO, 4x DI, 8x DO), which does not count down the license. The unique function in this type of controllers is HDMI port which allows you to view your Niagara Station by simple HDMI display (no need to invest in PC). You can use any HDMI display, but GC5 has dedicated displays in portfolio as well. You can choose between HDMI and Android version and different sizes possible:




Additionally, touchscreen is possible by using USB port.

The iSMA-B-MAC36NL controller can have

  • 2xRS485 interfaces with Modbus/BACnet protocols implemented.
  • 2x separate Fast Ethernet ports support all the protocols included in the standard Niagara License (Modbus TCP, BACnet IP, oBiX, SNMP, KNX IP, M-Bus IP, LON IP).
  • The device is powered by 24 VAC/DC.

GC5 provides dedicated graphics library included in the standard license.

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The improvements keep on coming. Introducing in the series, the iSMA-B-MAC36NL-M!

controller features

All the amazing features you expect from iSMA MAC series but this controller is the first with Niagara 4.8 with built-in M-Bus interface!  This MAC controller is the third in the series of the award winning line. For more information talk with IBC’s iSMA expert Szymon Drozdek about how you can successfully work with iSMA range on your next project!


Did you know?

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