iSMA MAC36NL with Niagara 4.11U1 and BACnet Updates

iSMA MAC36NL Niagara 4.11 updates cover

Product updates for Hybrid IoT controller iSMA MAC36NL with Niagara 4.11U1 and BACnet Secure Connect. Built by iSMA CONTROLLI S.p.A. and distributed by Irish Partner IBC, this bestselling and award winning master application controller, the iSMA-B-MAC36NL, offers hard to beat end-user building security and efficiency. The latest version of MAC36NL is its most powerful yet:

  • Now available with Niagara 4.11U1 iSMA MAC36NL and BACnet/SC support!
  • Niagara 4.11 brings exciting new features that continue to evolve Niagara’s key tenets of visualization, rapid deployment, security, Edge, connectivity, certification, and IT compliance.
  • For a complete overview, see here.
isma-b-mac36 with mbus
iSMA-B-MAC36NL-M controller with MBus

The MAC36NL has an abundance of features with many applications. So let’s begin and take a look into the latest Niagara 4.11 version support on iSMA-B-MAC36NL where Szymon Drozdek, IBC’s Training & Support Manager, explains why ‘WebWiresheet’ is the most interesting feature that comes with this latest Niagara 4.11U1 update, but is not the only note worthy one.

  1. WebWiresheet

WebWiresheet is an HTML5 browser-based configuration tool which extends the functionality of the existing Wiresheet application in Workbench. This update allows a System Integrator to create, modify or simply take a look at WireSheet View, which is mostly used for logic programming, from the browser level.

Engineers on-site can now view and check simple things in the logic. Before this, engineers had to open their PC, run The Niagara Workbench and connect to the device to view the logic. Now with this latest release, on-site engineers can access via their mobile device or connect from a PC via simple internet browser window. Game changing and time saving from iSMA MAC36NL and Niagara 4.11U1.

Additionally, Web Charts were improved with the ability to interpolate invalid or missing data.

  1. Archive History Provider and External Databases

The Archive History Provider streamlines access to years of historical Niagara data stored in a relational database (RDB) for rapid visualization and analysis.

Improvements in operational efficiency mean there is also good news for systems using external databases. Retrieval of building trends, based on historical data from external databases, has improved greatly. Niagara Instances no longer need to import data from external databases to build trend reports. Meet Archive History, the new component providing streamlined access to historical data and baseline against new locally stored data.

  1. BACnet Secure Connect (BACnet/SC), Not A New Protocol!

As readers may know, BACnet/SC is not a new protocol but an add-on released by ASHRAE to meet today’s security concerns in IT systems and networks. This feature is now fully compatible with existing BACnet Networks. What ASHRAE implemented is a secure, encrypted data link layer in the same BACnet Protocol users are familiar with. The only difference with standard BACnet communication is that the data is now encrypted by determining the content of secure messages unless they have the appropriate encryption keys.

Having this BACnet feature available on MAC36NL means IT departments can rely on building automation networks that offer more security than ever before. BACnet SC uses TLS 1.3 protocol to encrypt data meaning standard https ports and statis IP are no longer required.

Lastly, If implementing BACnet SC, Niagara 4.11 version has improved TLS from v1.2 into v1.3 for other secured connections through FOXS or HTTPS.

Summing Up the MAC

These new updates available in the latest MAC36NL controller offer huge security improvements with the help of BACnet SC, WebWiresheet improvements allow for on-demand access to the logic from a browser window or mobile and last but not least, improvements in operational efficiency make access to historical data streamlined and fuss free. All of this, and more, make MAC36NL with N 4.11 even more powerful than before.

iSMA-B-MAC36NL Niagara 4.11U1

Schedule a demo and discover the possibilities inside this Hybrid IoT controller. Contact for complimentary access to IBC’s bestselling controller. To request a pricelist for MAC36NL, or for the full iSMA CONTROLLI range, contact or for customers in NI/GB. View the latest release datasheet and iSMA CONTROLLI MAC36NL Brochure for a brief product overview.

Author: Szymon Drozdek 11/10/2022

IBC is a proud distribution partner of iSMA CONTROLLI S.p.A.