iSMA CONTROLLI AAC20 MAC36NL updates July 2023

IBC controls partner iSMA CONTROLLI have two new updates available for MAC36NL and AAC20, which aims to greatly enhance performance. Relevant technical downloads and models currently in stock can be found below from July’s iSMA CONTROLLI updates.

Application Example

MAC36NL Update: Niagara Version 4.12U2 Support

In a nutshell, this update (v1.9) includes significant improvements and fixes to Niagara modules and provides compatibility with the 15th revision of BACnet. Real-time clock handling, as well as other improvements, aim to speed up the commissioning process.

Handy Downloads for MAC36NL

View release notes v1.9 here

View datasheet v1.8 here

View application example here

Currently In Stock at IBC

  • MAC36NL
  • MAC36NL-RS

AAC20 Update: Software Bundle 6.3

In a nutshell, iSMA CONTROLLI have optimised AAC20 controller’s firmware performance, resulting in greater efficiency and stability. Our partner recommends using the latest Firmware versions in your projects.

AAC20 application example iSMA CONTROLLI

Handy Downloads for AAC20

View release notes v6.3 here

View datasheet v1.9 here

View application example here

Currently In Stock at IBC

  • AAC20
  • AAC20-LCD-M