iSMA CONTROLLI FCU Valves Brass, Composite

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IBC stocks a selection of iSMA CONTROLLI FCU valves and is available to order, alongside the entire iSMA CONTROLLI range, from an IBC rep. Below is a quick glance guide of popular iSMA CONTROLLI FCU valves. The entire valve and actuator range from iSMA CONTROLLI can be viewed and downloaded here.

PIUMA – Ultra-light high performance Composite Valves.

These iSMA CONTROLLI FCU valves are a unique solution within the wider market thanks to the valves high-performance composite polymer material used for the valve body and internal parts. Actuators are also available for this range.

iSMA CONTROLLI FCU valves composite
iSMA CONTROLLI FCU Valves – Composite, lightweight, high performance

Key features:

  • Valve bodies made of highly durable composite with the same performance as brass valves: 16 bar and 95°C
  • Available in four versions: 2-way, 3-way, 3-way 4-ports
  • KVS from 1,6 to 2,5
  • Control Signal – on-off or modulating 0-10VDC
  • Composite fittings
  • Tight CLOSE-OFF
iSMA CONTROLLI FCU valves composite and actuators
iSMA CONTROLLI MVP MVX actuators for composite FCU/zone valves

MICRA® – Compact Brass Zone Valves

MICRA® brass valves is one of IBC’s most popular ranges of motorized valves for fan coil units. Key features include:

  • Valve bodies available with either flat-end threaded connections or conic (Conex)
  • Available in four versions: 2-way, 3-way, 3-way 4-ports
  • KVS from 0.25 to 6
  • 4-ports versions (3-way with bypass) available with different port-to-port distances
  • Tight CLOSE-OFF
iSMA CONTROLLI FCU valves brass

Useful iSMA CONTROLLI Downloads

Zone Controllers for FCU Applications

Introducing RAC18-IP, iSMA CONTROLLI’s innovative lightweight IP solution for FCU applications. This solution consists of the new freely programmable RAC18-IP controller for ultralight #PIUMA Composite valves and other FCU valves from different manufacturers. Contact a rep for more information.

RAC18-IP – Freely programmable controller with universal FCU Application for 256 Fan Coil Units types.
✔2 fail-safe Ethernet ports with built-in switch
✔Modbus RTU and Native BACnet IP
✔System and applications on SD card enable quick replacement in case of any failure
✔Application for 256 FCUs available in iSMA CONTROLLI download centre:
✔Application configuration with DIP switches
View more:

iSMA CONTROLLERS application for RAC TP
RAC and new TP Wall Panel example application by iSMA CONTROLLI


iSMA CONTROLLERS RAC nano edge engine
RAC18-IP with nano Edge Engine

View and download iSMA CONTROLLI Comfort Management Solution Brochure here. For more info on iSMA controller demos please contact For pricing, stock levels and lead times contact or for customers in NI/GB, please contact IBC’s dedicated rep for this location, Bill Andrew