iSMA Controllers in the Zone

isma controllers comfort management new 2022

iSMA controllers adds two new releases to its comfort management portfolio, and is available to order from IBC; Touch Point Wall Panel (TP-C-DISP-B) and Room Application Zone Controller (RAC18-IP). Choose IBC Partner iSMA CONTROLLI for the best Integrated comfort management to reduce energy costs while providing an optimal environment in commercial buildings.

iSMA controllers offer a wide range of configurable and programmable controllers with modern-looking wall panels that will fit into almost any new building design or renovation project. Use ready-made control applications or create custom control algorithms to enhance the building occupant’s comfort, reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Further technical details are outlined below, or dive right in and download the brochure.

TP-C-DISP-B with BACnet and Modbus

Touch Point Wall Panel is the ultimate in flexibility and style and is available with the following features:

isma controllers tp wall panel
TP-C-DISP-B front and back
  • Multiprotocol interface – TP comes factory equipped with BACnet MS/TP & Modbus RTU/ASCII
  • Temperature sensor comes standard, humidity and CO2 is an add-on
  • Cutting Edge Design – user friendly with glass front panel and two colour versions (black and white) make TP wall panels the perfect choice for a modern finish.TP is slim with only 14mm thickness.
  • Interactive – equipped with TFT touchscreen, touch buttons, and glass panel. Five touch function buttons.
  • Seamless Installation – 2 RJ45 for easy connection and daisy chaining of multiple panels. Additional screw terminal RS485 interface.
  • Free software: iSMA Configurator.
  • TP is ultra modern with simple icons, perfect for many places where design is of particular importance to the client.
  • Intuitive Management Touch Point (TP) panels interact with a user with LEDs that indicate a working status of the device. The display shows the real-time measurements from sensors.

TP Wall Panel Downloads:

  1. Brochure – iSMA CONTROLLI Comfort Management Solutions 2022 available to view or download here
  2. Datasheet – iSMA CONTROLLI TP Wall Panel available to view or download here

iSMA Controllers RAC18-IP

RAC18-IP is a multifunctional device in a single room o

RAC isma controlli
RAC18-IP angles

r zone in the building! The RAC18-IP is a freely programmable controller designed for small installations with universal user-programmed applications. Thanks to the built-in Nano EDGE ENGINE, cutting-edge software, the controller can work on multiple applications simultaneously. The RAC18-IP is a multifunctional device providing comfort in a single room or a zone in the building.18 onboard I/O’s with ethernet and serial port, make the controller a versatile system for comfort management, light and blind control, and integration
and monitoring.

RAC offers a set of libraries and components tailored to create cycle-driven user applications. This solution provides an automatic BACnet exposure and real-time programming. Maintenance and programming of the device are possible from anywhere in real time with a dedicated, free-of-charge tool.
The RAC18-IP ensures an easy replacement process with a system and applications on a removable SD card.

  • Room and zone IP management
  • Openness and reliability
  • Seamless programming and maintenance
  • Built-in nano EDGE ENGINE
  • Cycle-driven multithreaded application Favourable licensing system
  • Reference linking method
  • Clear and logical structure
  • 150 Data Points
  • System and applications on SD card
  • 2 fail-safe Ethernet ports with a built-in switch Native BACnet IP
  • Modbus RTU
  • Built-in real-time clock (RTC)
  • Support for over 20 types of temperature sensors Digital inputs with fast pulse counter
  • Triac outputs for thermal actuators

Example RAC applications

iSMA CONTROLLERS application for RAC TP

Room Application Controller Downloads:

  1. Brochure – iSMA CONTROLLI Comfort Management Solutions 2022 available to view or download here
  2. Datasheet – iSMA CONTROLLI RAC available to view or download here