iSMA Comfort Management Solution

isma comfort management solution

New release innovations from IBC’s Partner iSMA. iSMA Comfort Management Solution has been updated to include performance expansions to iSMA FCU, iSMA FCU Updater, iSMA 2D lighting controller and Niagara 4 functionalities with iSMA’s fan-coil unit controller.

iSMA Comfort Management Solution new FCU functions

iSMA Modbus Tunnel service

  • This Niagara 4 service was created to improve the iSMA Solution within Niagara Framework
  • Made to work seamlessly with FCU Updater and iSMA Configurator with devices connected via Modbus RTU on any Niagara controller! Like Modbus controller iSMA-B-MAC36NL-M, take a look!
  • Use Niagara controllers as a Tunnel device and update I/O modules, backup iSMA-B-FCU application, and more… without any additional equipment!

New functions for FCU. The list below contains modifications and new features since the release of software bundle 2.2.3.

  • iSMA Modus Tunnel compatibility
  • Modbus TCP Gateway connection option
  • Modbus BACnet IP Gateway connection option
  • Added request timeout in project settings
  • Automatic backup disable option in project settings
  • Allowed to run multiple instances of FCU Updater on a single

New FCU Updater functions iSMA Comfort Management Solutions

  • Update and backup of iSMA-B-FCU controllers via Modbus TCP/IP and BACnet IP
  • Run multiple projects and enhance the speed of commissioning and maintenance with multiple instances of FCU Updater on a single PCisma fcu updater new

iSMA FCU Quick Start function

  • Take advantage of the pre-loaded application and configure it with ease with the new FCU Quick Start

FCU quick start

Optimise energy efficiency with an improved iSMA-B-2D controller

Improved iSMA 2D lighting controller brings Light Level Control functionality:

  • Control the internal light intensity based on the daylight!
  • The light level control algorithm automatically maintains the light intensity at a given level in the room using a light sensor with a standardized output connected to iSMA-B-2D controller.isma 2d lighting controller updates

Two additional digital inputs in hardware version 2.0. available from mid-May

iSMA-B-2D configurator update

  • Configure all new functionalities of iSMA-B-2D using the updated iSMA Configurator
  • Take advantage of stability improvements!

IBC has a large selection of iSMA in stock and is available to order now. For all queries contact: [email protected] or phone +353 1 457 4521 ask for Rich.