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IBC is pleased to announce a new partnership with Global Control 5 (GC5). GC5 are manufacturers to a competitive and innovative range of controllers known as iSMA. To meet the development of building automation and the growing demand in this field for more advanced solutions, GC5 Sp. z o. o. has developed a series of products to allow for even better management of different systems. The core of these BEMS solutions is built on the Niagara Framework®. GC5 is a young company with impressive innovation that provides you with solutions in building control design.

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The challenge for building administrators in existing objects is the extension and integration of possessed systems. Their diversity caused the creation of many communication protocols that do not allow the direct exchange of information between systems. Today, many protocols are no longer developed. The answer to this challenge is iSMA based on Niagara Framework. This technology gives us structural software that not only provides us with conventional DDC but also integrates a number of systems and devices. Regardless of the manufacturer or communication protocol used, it combines them into a unified platform managed in real-time using standard web browsers.

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The MIX BACnet I/O modules have been designed for building distributed control systems using iSMA MAC36, JACE, AAC20 and other controllers supporting BACnet IP/MSTP.  Explore the full line of MIX and MINI I/O modules.

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iSMA-B-MAC36NL Hybrid IoT Controller
The iSMA-B-MAC36NL is a compact Master Application Controller with built-in 38 points of I/O and operating in Niagara Framework environment similar to Jace. 2020 will see the 3rd launch of this controller as the first IoT controller to have Niagara 4.8 and M-bus extension, making the connection of an M-bus meter easier than ever!

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Modbus IP Gateway to M-Bus and Modbus RS485 designed to simplify the connection of meters to the BMS. The M-Bus interface supplies up to 60 M-Bus meters with power and up to 128 Modbus devices with RS485.

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Contact your iSMA certified representative to find out more about the range and help you connect to an iSMA solution that’s right for you. Discover the whole range here.

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