Insertion meters technology from ONICON

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Technology is a key driver in the evolution of non-traditional BMS products, such as ONICON insertion meters. While traditional meters, like ultrasonic and mechanical meters, are very inexpensive to buy, they come equipped with some drawbacks:

onicon insertion meters
Extra down-time, more expensive
  • Inexpensive to buy but expensive to install (cost increases with size)
  • Meters must be onsite for pipe installation and pressure testing
  • Maintenance downtime considerations –  extra expense of adding in isolation valves
  • Traditional systems Pulsed, MBus


The new electromagnetic ONICON insertion meters have smaller components allowing for more to fit into less with the advantage of a sensor element in these meters. Other benefits include:

  • Fixed cost (up to 600mm)
  • Highly accurate 1% of reading
    insertion meters
    No downtime, ready for pressure testing
  • Small fixed install cost (Hot Tap Available)
  • System ready for pressure testing
  • Meters follow when BMS is commissioned
  • No downtime maintenance
  • Increased communications – Pulsed, Analog, BACnet or Modbus

Insertion meters ONICON F-3500

Two versions of the F-3500 are now available. The standard configuration F-3500 is suitable for pipe sizes ranging from 3” to 72” in diameter. The small pipe
configuration F-3500 is suitable for pipes ranging in size from 1¼” to 2½” in diameter.
Optional remote displays and BTU measurement systems are also available for both versions.

• Accurate, reliable flow measurement for HVAC applications
• Ideal for monitoring open loop condenser water flow
• Hot tap design simplifies domestic water retrofit installations
• Cost-effective way to monitor fl ow in larger pipe sizes
• Suitable for use in water and water/glycol systems

Evolving with technology: insertion meters

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