Industrietechnik Flow Switch – SFC

Industrietechnik Flow Switch

The new Industrietechnik flow switch, aptly named SFC (Smart Flow Control), is designed to revolutionise flow monitoring within the sector. This compact and versatile device ensures efficient and reliable operation, empowering you to take complete control of your liquid flow systems. SFC series is a compact electromechanical flow switch family for use in heating and cooling systems intended for flow control of water or water with glycol. Feature highlights include:

  • Compact case
  • Fits pipe sizes ranging from DN32 to DN200
  • Contact rating 5 A, 250 VAC or 0.1 A, 30 VDC
  • Protection class IP65
  • Easy to install

Industrietechnik flow switch models

For detailed technical information, refer to the manufacturer datasheet.

Industrietechnik Flow Switch Adaptable to Diverse Applications

The SFC flow switch boasts a wide range of compatible nominal diameters, from DN32 to DN200. This exceptional versatility allows it to seamlessly integrate into various applications across numerous sectors. Whether you require flow monitoring in industrial settings, HVAC/R systems, sprinkler and fire prevention setups, water treatment plants, or even energy sector applications, the SFC switch is your one-stop solution.

Engineered for meticulous precision, the SFC flow switch delivers highly accurate liquid flow detection. This superior accuracy helps to maintain precise control over your processes, optimising performance and minimising potential issues.

industrietechnik flow switch compact
Compact design – SFC electromechanical flow switch for use heating and cooling systems

Simplified Installation: Streamlined Setup Saves Time and Resources

In addition to its precision, the SFC flow switch is designed for easy setup, allowing for hassle-free installation within a short timeframe. With up to six different installation possibilities, integrating the SFC into your system is a seamless process, minimising downtime and maximising productivity.

Unwavering Reliability: Built to Withstand the Demands of Modern Industry

Industrietechnik understand the critical nature of consistent flow management. That’s why the SFC flow switch is meticulously crafted using top-tier materials and incorporates cutting-edge technology. Their commitment to quality guarantees a robust and reliable product, minimising unplanned downtime and ensuring long-lasting operation.

Flexible Connection Options: Tailored to Your Project Specifications

The SFC flow switch provides a comprehensive selection of connection options, empowering you to tailor the unit to the specific needs of your project. This flexibility eliminates compatibility concerns and simplifies the integration process.

Industrietechnik’s SFC flow switch has taken a step forward within the flow monitoring market. Its versatility, accuracy, ease of installation, reliability, connection and flexibility make it an indispensable asset for various industries.

Industrietechnik Flow Switch Enquiries

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