IBC Seeking Acquisitions

Intelligent Building Controls

Acquisition Guidance Note for discussion with potential target companies within the Irish construction industry.

IBC is seeking acquisitions from companies within the Irish construction industry throughout the island of Ireland. IBC have an exciting opportunity for Irish companies that are involved within the Irish construction industry and its related sectors.

IBC seeking acquisitions

Our Background:

Intelligent Building Controls Ltd [IBC] is a business to business distribution and value-added services company specialising in Building Management Systems & Solutions, Controllers and field devices. We are interested in acquiring companies focused on the construction industry and related sectors and targeting Architects, Builders, Developers, Contractors, Mechanical & Electrical Companies, Engineering Consultants, Facility Managers and System Integrators. We would welcome enquires from companies operating throughout the island of Ireland.


IBC has significant resources, premises, financial, marketing, sales & administration staff, extensive connections, and a distribution network. We are seeking small to medium sized companies that may be interested in exploring opportunities together and/or be acquired by us.

As a company owner you may have had a very profitable company, however, COVID may have seriously reduced profitability and you now possibly face losing money? Brexit is looming! There is the very real reduction in the value of your business and the possibility of never achieving the exit that you would like.


The benefit of merging the two companies would be that we would assume the majority of your company’s overheads within our existing structure. This saves your company significant costs and will dramatically change the look of your profit & loss account. The profit generated will be used to fund an exit strategy for the owners. We are very flexible in terms of timing. The key is in brokering a win-win solution structure that provides tangible added value for all parties.

The Next Step: 

If you would like to explore this idea, please contact Michael detailing:


  • A brief history of your company
  • The markets/sectors/verticals you operate in and products sold
  • List of agencies and indicate territories i.e. ROI, Northern Ireland, UK, Europe etc.
  • Some headline financial information, including turnover, gross and net profit, stock holding, creditors, debtors, net assets etc
  • The ownership structure
  • Any additional information you consider material/relevant


Absolute confidentiality and discretion is assured, and non-disclosure agreements can be signed before documentation is exchanged and/or discussions begin.


Contact: Mr. Michael McKeon

Tel: +353 1 4575 421

Email: michae[email protected]