RC-RemoteAccess update now released

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RC-RemoteAccess update now released

Reliable Controls have released a new update for their BACnet software RC-RemoteAccess. The new RC-RemoteAccess update makes many improvements including:

Improvements in

Warning messages when canceling updates

If a user attempts to cancel a configuration change being sent to B/VPN connected clients, a dialog box warns that clients may be partially configured and gives the user the option to continue with the cancellation or return to the configuration

B/VPN migration default port

The Migrate B/VPNs wizard does not populate a default value for the Service TCP Port.

There are also many fixes to RC-RemoteAccess making it a more stable and streamlined BACnet system.

Fixed in RC-RemoteAccess update

B/VPN updates

When a B/VPN is added or deleted to either the Primary or Failover server, the other server automatically updates to reflect the change without requiring a page refresh. If the Primary or Failover server is disconnected, the B/VPN information updates when the Primary and Failover server connection is restored.

Server or certificate cancellations apply to Failover server

When server or certificate changes are cancelled, the changes are also cancelled on the Failover server.

Click here for the full list of changes.

The full list is also available in HTML and PDF formats.

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