Gas detection for HVAC systems

Gas detection for hvac system

Gas detection for HVAC is a critical component of a comprehensive safety strategy. Investing in gas detection technology not only safeguards the well-being of occupants but also protects valuable HVAC equipment. As technology continues to advance, integrating state-of-the-art gas detection systems into commercial buildings becomes essential for maintaining a safe and comfortable indoor environment. IBC carries a wide product range for HVAC systems. IBC endeavours to carry a wide range of high quality gas safety solutions in stock.


Gas detection for HVAC systems
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Key features of gas detection systems

1. Real-Time Monitoring

Modern gas detection systems offer real-time monitoring capabilities, continuously analysing the air for any signs of gas leaks. This proactive approach ensures that any issues are detected promptly, minimizing the potential impact on safety and HVAC equipment.

2. Alarm Systems and Notifications

Gas detection systems are equipped with alarm systems that trigger when gas concentrations reach unsafe levels. Additionally, these systems can be integrated with building management systems to send notifications to relevant personnel, enabling a swift response to mitigate risks.

3. Remote Accessibility

Many gas detection systems now provide remote accessibility through online platforms or mobile apps. This allows facility managers and HVAC professionals to monitor gas levels and system status from anywhere, facilitating quick decision-making and response, even when off-site.

IBC gas safety products for HVAC systems

Greystone new IAQ sensor now available
New Total IAQ Sensor – 6 parameters

Enhance the safety and efficiency of a commercial HVAC system with a robust gas detection solution tailored to your specific needs. IBC recommends the following devices from our Air Quality range:

Gas detection for HVAC

  • Total IAQ Sensor from partner Greystone. More Modbus and BACnet sensors and transmitters for CO2, temperature, humidity include product series like the CDD3; CDD5; CHT Series; CE; CD; CDD4. For duct smoke detection try Greystone’s DSD Series.
  • S&S Northern offer some of the highest quality gas safety and control solutions on the market, with safety products for boiler rooms to commercial kitchens, water leak detection and indoor air quality sensors for occupiable spaces. View S&S Northern’s products and applications guide.
  • Industrie Technik: the TCO2A series sets the standard in CO2 measurement for HVAC applications. It combines the measurement of the carbon dioxide level, temperature and relative humidity. Models with or without display are available. The TCO2C series within the wider range is for air duct mounting.
  • Seitron – IBC has industrial gas detection from partner Seitron in stock. Consider the 8 zone RXA01M; 4 in 2 out RGI001MSX4 for industrial control. Explore more from Seitron.
  • Sontay – IBC has a large range to offer – GS Air Quality, Carbon Dioxide/RH & T & Gas Sensors.
  • Browse them all in our catalogue.

Gas detection for hvac system

With a wide selection of gas detection and indoor air quality monitoring products in stock, IBC has gas safety for every application. Contact a rep for pricing and queries. View IBC’s catalogue sections for more in Air Quality control.