Fidelix – Open BMS Solution

Fidelix at IBC new product post

Introducing Fidelix, IBC’s newest partner in scalable HVAC controls, offers a complete and comprehensive range of open BMS technology. Built by systems integrators with expertise in reliable control solutions, Fidelix systems can be found in locations such as office buildings, hospitals, schools, hotels, warehouses, care homes, parking facilities and shopping centres. Based on open interfaces, the system offers an easy-to-manage, compatible and energy-efficient building technology solution, designed for ease of use and maximum benefit. Its secure remote operation portal works on any web browser, eliminating the need for additional hardware or software investments. Data can be sent to multiple recipients as needed, always on schedule.

The product range is versatile and flexible and includes BMS-Controllers, I/O-Modules, Unitary Controllers, and HMIs. Fidelix is available now to order from IBC. Read more or view the Fidelix Product Brochure. Technical datasheets accompany each product listed below.

The Benefits of Fidelix for End Users and Building Owners

Fidelix with TOSIBOX into FX-3000-C
Enhanced security with built-in TOSIBOX® technology

A powerful and scalable tool for the overall control of building technology. User interfaces can be tailored to meet the needs of any customer/user.

  • Fidelix is built on Open standards, effectively enabling the combination of most other systems and devices into a single, unified whole.
  • License free with no hidden fees.
  • Faster commissioning and reduced engineering time.
  • Remote commissioning/monitoring using TOSIBOX.
  • Compact size of I/O modules reduces the cost of panels. The FX-3000C can have more than 300 IO modules connected to it.
  • Comprehensive energy efficiency. Simplified and purpose-built solutions guarantee the efficient maintenance and monitoring of building technology.
  • Native M-bus connection on substation-FX 3000C allows direct integration of energy meters/water meters without the use of any additional gateway.
  • Webserver for graphics can be used for free.


Fidelix IO featured
Compact IO Modules reduces the cost of panels

Brief Overview of Fidelix Range

FdxCompact product series is the cornerstone of Fidelix smart BMS. A full product family with exceptional ease of installation and setup. The range connects with different systems to a single, easy-to-manage entity.

  • Diverse selection of I/O modules for both analogue and digital signals
  • The FX-3000C can have more than 300 IO modules connected to it.
  • Freely programmable PLC with versatile communication options
  • User interface with up to 15,6 inch touch screen

Request a product presentation or price list. Training and support is available for IBC customers of Fidelix.

FdxCompact Controllers FX-3000-C and FX-3000-X

100% freely programmable controllers, FX-controllers are ideal for classic BMS projects, such as HVAC control and other climate processes, as well as retrofit, metering, fire damper controls, stand-alone AHU’s, OEM-applications and other special applications.

FdxCompact feature highlights:

  • 2000 data points (FX-3000-C)
  • 4-port router with WiFi and built-in NAT possibilities
  • 10 configurable communication ports (Modbus, M-Bus, or BACnet. IP or serial)
  • TOSIBOX Readiness: secured remote connection
  • View datasheet for more specs in detail.

FdxCompact I/O-Modules

Compact, modular, and compatible. The serial Modbus I/O-modules use a small set of Modbus registers to read and control connected field devices. That way, each and every PLC can communicate with our modules quickly and easily.

Fidelix IO modules compact
Compact for space saving costs in panels

I/O modules can integrate with almost any brand using Modbus RTU. They are cost effective when integrating with third party controllers, each IO module uses a single address rather than 8 or 16 addresses, saving the license fee on third party controllers.

FdxCompact I/O highlights:

  • Operating voltage: 24 VDC
  • Indicator LEDs for power, bus communication, and each channel individually
  • Communication speed automatically detected from the bus
  • Push-in spring cage connectors for cables
  • Detachable terminal blocks
  • Screw-less installation with click-on DIN-rail communication bus and power
  • T-connectors
  • View IO datasheet for more (all models)

FdxCompact HMIs – VISIO

Touchscreen interface for FX-controller. Full HD display, running Android with multi- touch support Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection. User friendly built-in application to connect to the web interface of FX-controllers Power supply: 750 mA @ 24 VDC. Sizes available: 10.1″ and 15.6″.

Providing easy access and a fast connection to the controllers, the panel is the perfect way to facilitate maintenance or support personnel in their handling with the building’s systems. View more specs via the datasheets: 10.1″ and 15.6″

Contact IBC about Fidelix

Contact a rep for pricing, demos and training for Fidelix via IBC’s contact page. For customers in Northern Ireland, please visit IBC UK. View Fidelix product brochure.