Fidelix FX Spider

Fidelix FX Spider controller

Fidelix FX-Spider-40/10 is a plug and play freely programmable central control unit with 40 integrated I/O’s and an optional 10.1” touch screen. This is a popular all-in-one solution for smaller projects, such as school house boiler rooms requiring the simplicity of an all-in-one solution. Communication protocols include BACnet, Modbus and M-Bus. The controller is also BACnet Labs capability tested.

Get your project up and running with FX Spider! The FX SPIDER-40/10 central controlling unit for building automation and security applications is a special version of it’s brother, the FX-3000-C.

Dedicated all-in-one control for small processes, narrow spaces and all-in-one solutions, it features a 10.1” touch screen showing HTML-graphics, a powerful processor to run your programs, and 40 built in I/O-points. For more technical information around the optional touchscreen, the VISIO 10.1”, see the datasheet.

Fidelix FX Spider Controller Key Features

Fidelix FX Spider with or without touch screen

  • All-in-one box with power supply
  • FX-controller PLC, 40 I/O’s, and (optional) touch screen.
  • Ready to be hung on the wall with pre-drilled metal mounting ribbons. View wall mounting instructions.
  • Fully compatible with, and offering all features and extension possibilities of the FX-3000 controller
  • Ideal for smaller projects, narrow technical rooms, or OEM-applications
  • Fully freely programmable BMS controller
  • View the datasheet for further tech specs.

Alternatively, Fidelix offer a configurable application with customised interface to fit your specific requirements, for example:

  • Ice-rink snow melting pit
  • Fire dampers in 15 configurable zones
  • Grease separators in the canopies of industrial kitchens
  • Hottub centre
  • Air handling unit (factory-configurable on the GUI!)
  • Gas detection
  • Home automation (and security) for luxury villa’s

Fidelix Integration TOSIBOX Readiness

Fidelix FX Spider and TOSIBOX remote secure access built in


Utilise the built in capability of IBC partner TOSIBOX with TOSIBOX Readiness in FX Spider, and its brother, the FX-3000 controllers to ensure a safe remote connection. For more on TOSIBOX Readiness, see here.

Contact IBC for pricing or demos

IBC’s newest controls partner offer versatile solutions for building automation control. With maximum compatibility for thousands of well known manufacturers, fast configuration and setup with added ease of use. Download the Fidelix product brochure or contact IBC for pricing or demos.

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