Fidelix BMS – Special Opportunity for Customers

Fidelix BMS

Fidelix BMS – IBC is pleased to announce a special opportunity for customers to meet with Fidelix’s Global Business Development Manager and Engineers. This special event offers an opportunity to engage directly with the experts behind Fidelix’s innovative Building Management Systems (BMS). During their visit, customers can:

– Familiarise themselves with the dynamic Fidelix BMS through live demonstrations.

– Opportunity for short training sessions with a Fidelix engineer (with FX-Spider)

– Scope out potential projects with professional guidance.

– Engage in an interactive Q&A session to address any specific queries.

Customers can choose the most convenient option:

  1. A visit at their premises.
  2. A meeting at IBC offices.

This is a rare opportunity to gain first-hand insights from the manufacturers and explore how Fidelix’s solutions can enhance energy efficiency and building management capabilities. IBC request customers to indicate their preferred date and location for this meeting to facilitate necessary arrangements.

Customer queries can be directed to their rep or via the contact page.

Fidelix BMS full

About Fidelix BMS

The dependable and reliable Fidelix building automation system guarantees a long life cycle for buildings of all types and sizes. Their service concept is based on a single system that can be optimally managed.

Utilising open interfaces, their system forms an easy-to-manage, compatible, and energy-efficient building technology solution. Fidelix’s reliable and cost-effective system solution exemplifies the advanced nature of Finnish product development and project expertise.

Fidelix building automation system
Fidelix Spider installed on right. FX-3000 controller and slim I/O modules installed on left

The Benefits of Fidelix for End Users and Building Owners

A powerful and scalable tool for the overall control of building technology. User interfaces can be tailored to meet the needs of any customer/user.

Fidelix BMS product range
The product range is versatile and flexible and includes BMS-controllers, I/O-modules, unitary controllers, and HMIs.


  • Fidelix is built on Open standards, effectively enabling the combination of most other systems and devices into a single, unified whole.
  • License free with no hidden fees.
  • Faster commissioning and reduced engineering time.
  • Remote commissioning/monitoring using TOSIBOX.
  • Compact size of I/O modules reduces the cost of panels. The FX-3000C can have more than 300 IO modules connected to it.
  • Comprehensive energy efficiency. Simplified and purpose-built solutions guarantee the efficient maintenance and monitoring of building technology.
  • Native M-bus connection on substation-FX 3000C allows direct integration of energy meters/water meters without the use of any additional gateway.
  • Webserver for graphics can be used for free.

For more information, and to view the Fidelix range, please see the brochure. Contact a rep or submit a query via IBC Contact page. Email: