Energy Efficiency Grant Ireland 2024

Energy efficiency grant

In today’s competitive and eco-conscious market, an energy efficiency grant for small businesses are crucial for promoting sustainability and reducing operational costs. These grants support businesses in adopting energy-efficient technologies, which can enhance profitability and environmental responsibility.

IBC, a leading HVAC distributor based in Dublin, Ireland, established in 2005, specialises in energy-saving building management systems. IBC collaborates with various industry professionals who install and service BMS controllers, I/O modules, valves and actuators, meters, sensors, and air quality solutions, all aimed at optimising energy use and improving building performance.

LEO Energy Efficiency Grant

A range of sustainability-focused consultancy, training, and grants is available from the Local Enterprise Office and Enterprise Ireland.

IBC understands that time constraints can make it challenging to determine where to begin. Trusted financial or business advisers, as well as your Local Enterprise Office, can provide the necessary guidance to help you understand the steps you need to take and how to implement them effectively.

When businesses are ready to invest, several government grants and loans are available to assist in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Grants are available to:
– Cover the cost of energy-efficient technology and equipment (LEO Energy Efficiency Grant)
– Incorporate solar power into the energy mix
– Enhance the energy efficiency of premises
– Transition to renewable heating

One energy efficiency grant tailored to small businesses is the LEO Energy Efficiency Grant supports the investment in technologies and equipment identified in a Green for Micro Report, GreenStart Report or a SEAI Energy Audit with 50% of eligible costs up to a maximum grant of €5,000. The aim of the scheme is to reduce the impact of enterprises on the environment thereby increasing the agility and resilience of these businesses.

Who is Eligible?

  • Small enterprises (employing between 1 and 50) *
  • Who have undertaken a Green for Micro, GreenStart or recent energy audit by a SEAI registered energy auditor and who are not currently clients of Enterprise Ireland/IDA.
  • Who are established, registered, and operate within the area of the Local Enterprise Office.
  • Where the turnover is in excess of €30,000 annually and the business is trading in excess of 6 months
    *except those involved in activities that the Local Enterprise Offices consider as ineligible (primary agricultural, fishery or aquaculture, coal and steel sectors) and those involving an unacceptable reputational risk including gambling, ‘gaming’ (as defined in the Gaming and Lotteries Act 1956), adult entertainment, tobacco products and cannabis-based products which are not authorised as medicines).

Eligible Costs:

  • Meters (electricity, gas, diesel, oil, water, steam & loggers) and installation costs
  • Smart energy controls e.g., heating, cooling, lighting, automatic on/off systems, parasitic load controls
  • Upgrade lighting to LED (only as part of a package of eligible cost measures)
  • Replacement/upgrade with more energy efficient system, e.g. Heat Pumps (including air, water, and ground source) for manufacturing heating processes
  • Heat recovery
  • Small wind & hydro subject to feasibility assessment
  • Equipment (>10 years) replacement/upgrade such as refrigeration unit, electric steam boiler, electric oven, industrial dishwasher, engineering equipment
  • System components upgrades such as variable speed drives, pumps, fans, condensers, extraction systems, cold room doors
    *Products for which the investment is applied for should be registered as Triple E or equivalent.

For more information visit the Local Enterprise Office grant webpage.

Additionally, long-term low-cost loans can bridge the gap between grants and the full cost of investments. Tax incentives are also offered for those investing in energy-saving technology.

The following list includes a number of training, mentoring and financial supports for companies trying to reduce their carbon footprint (total carbon emissions).

Energy Grants and Free Training – Local Enterprise Office

  1. GreenStart – GreenStart is a grant for a training/consultancy/advisory project of up to 7 days carried out by an external Green Service Provider directly with an eligible business. The aim of the project is to improve the environmental performance of the business thereby increasing the agility and resilience of clients to climate change impacts. The grant is intended for businesses unfamiliar with or lacking sufficient capability in environmental improvement methodologies. View GreenStart criteria and apply.
  2. The Energy Efficiency Grant – This grant supports the investment in technologies and equipment of enterprises following on from a Green for Micro/Business Report, GreenStart Report or a SEAI Energy Audit with 50% of eligible costs from a minimum grant of €1,000 to a maximum of €5,000. The aim of the scheme is to reduce the impact of enterprises on the environment thereby increasing the agility and resilience of these businesses. Learn more here.
  3. The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) offers an e-learning service called Energy Academy to:
  • Advise organisations how to meet energy efficiency goals
  • Show how energy efficiency practices can help reduce energy waste and lower your carbon footprint
  • Upskill staff on energy efficiency

Visit SEAI for more.

4.  The Support Scheme for Renewable Heat can help your business adopt renewable heating systems by providing a grant for:

  • Air source heat pumps
  • Ground source heat pumps
  • Water source heat pumps

Visit Support Scheme for Renewable Heat for more.

For case studies, eligibility and applications visit Local Enterprise Office Green Supports page.

Energy Grants – Enterprise Ireland

  1. GreenPlus – With new government policies on decarbonisation, rising energy costs and shifting consumer expectations, sustainability is now at the top of every business agenda. With GreenPlus, we can help your business to prepare for a greener, more sustainable future. Learn more.
  2. Climate Action Voucher – Is your business sustainable and climate action ready? With this support, we can help your business to plan for a ‘green transformation’ by reducing emissions and becoming more resource efficient. Learn more.
  3. Strategic Consultancy Assignment – In challenging times, strategy is more important than ever. A strategy consultant can provide your business with unbiased insights to help you adapt to change, unearth new opportunities and develop a competitive advantage. Learn more.