EasyIO FT-04 BACnet implementation

EasyIO FT-04

The stand alone control of EasyiIO FT-04 is a versatile small form factor controller with big BACnet capabilities. The WiFi only EasyIO FT-04 might be pocket sized, but it’s a compact and powerful device ideal for:

* Hard to reach equipment
* Utilising small spaces
* Localised lighting control
* Remote IO
* Temperature control and monitoring
* On/off control of equipment
* Residential applications or just about anything that needs connectivity.

EasyIO FT-04 dimensionsEasyIO FT-04 features

– BACnet, TCom and Sox protocol
– BACnet IP Server over WiFi
– EasyIO Peer to Peer Protocol, compatible with FS, FG+, FW and FT Series
– Built-in web server and HTML5 compatible
– RESTful API and other web services
– Built-in dashboard
– WiFi Access Point with DHCP Server
– Station/Client for production mode 50mm

Bonus application: This is a great localized lighting controller. Takes lux in and can control dimming ballast out.

FT-04 Specs

  • 240 MHz ESP32 main processor
  • 4MB RAM
  • 16MB Flash Memory
  • 24V AC/DC Power
  • 2x UI
  • FT-04A = 2x AO
  • FT-04B = 1x DO, 1x AO

EasyIO FT-04 tiny

Useful product codes:

FT04A Product code: EIO-FT-04A-5

FT04B Product code: EIO-FT-04B-5

EasyIO FT-04 downloads

Download datasheet here. 


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EasyIO FT-04 usage performance feedback

EasyIO US beta tested the FT-04 with Partners and customers working in the field. Here’s what customers and Partners said:

  1. Motor start/stop and status, connected WiFi to router, then BACnet IP to Jace. WiFi range was pretty good without external antenna and 45′ through one wall.  Command speed from Jace to device was almost immediate. Great potential for lots of different remote IO situations. (Note: test the WiFi range before final installation.) 
  2. Temperature control for heating valve
  3. Inside motor starter on a roof to prevent from having to run hundreds of feet of conduit to start/stop an exhaust fan and amperage monitoring. (If point count works the device will deliver.)
  4. Temperature monitoring of an office
  5. Local on/off/auto controller of a chilled water valve. Functionality was great.  Ability to customize the device was awesome. The size of this and the functionality it provides via the Sedona programming make it a versatile controller.  This would be useful for small projects such as adding after hours functionality to FCU’s. 
  6. FT in addition with the other F Series control (residential) garage doors. Status wired to the inputs and the door commands to the outputs. Once the FT was integrated, the FS controlled the doors from the graphic UI.  An additional sequence was added to monitor if the garage doors were closed after a certain time at night.  If they were open the FT sent an alert to the FS. Then it would close the door. It would try 3 times to close the garage door (in case of a blocked or broken door) before sending another alert.
  7. Monitor 2 temperature sensors 10k type 2 and 3 and switch two relays.
  8. Monitoring/control residential water heater
  9. The FT was used as a Standalone Pump Lead/Lag Controller using (1) Input for Pump Demand and (1) Input for a Common Pumps Status via a flow switch. The (2) FT Outputs were used for Pumps Start/Stop Command. The FT provides Automatic Lead/Lag & Equal Runtime Rotation.
  10. A FW-14 was used to control a typical packaged RTU for a VVT/Cooling only Zoning Application. The FW-14 controls the RTU and the Bypass Damper with its on board I/O. A FT is used for each zone, (1) Input is Used for Zone Temperature & (1) Input is used for Zone Setpoint. The sample FTs I received have (2) DOs, and no AOs, so I used a Belimo LMB24-IP (BACnet IP Smart Actuator) for each Zone Damper. The FW-14 has access to the actuator control data via BACnet IP, access to the Zone Data from the FTs via WiFi.