EasyIO FW Series in small buildings

EasyIO FW Series

EasyIO FW Series by Johnson Controls are the market’s most flexible controllers with robust equipment and space control. Not only is the FW Series a robust piece of hardware it’s also resourceful, making rooftop units, AHU’s, FCUs, or any kind of room-application a mini BMS. As with any EasyIO controller they are flexible enough to provide a stand-alone BMS solution without the need for any supervisor.

EasyIO FW Series ready and waiting

Straight out of the box this controller packs powerful punch:

  • HTML5 Dashboards. Ability to create multiple dashboards both for users and commissioning
  • Connect and supervise up to 5 devices
  • Onboard SQLite. Store up to 6,000 records, an ideal solution for metering
  • Delivering the highest security standards with 802.1x out of the box

The FW delivers a high value solution with a versatile protocol approach, making integration and smart-metering easy. The option to connect up to 5 BACnet devices makes this ideal for small applications where you need to integrate smart-meters or sensors. 

  • BACnet IP and MS/TP Client/Server
  • Modbus TCP and RTU M/S
  • MQTT support and RESTful API – prepares systems for emerging technologies and networks
  • Two Ethernet ports supporting daisy chain or STP ring
  • Wi-Fi Access Point, Repeater or Client Mode

Get a head-start with FW

Make life easier with the EasyIO FW application library and patented auto-self tuning PID, facilitating commissioning and configuration throughout the whole F-series.

Compare controllers

IBC have compiled a number of various product comparison charts featuring EasyIO and other cross vendor controllers in its class, from Trend to iSMA and Tridium.

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