EasyIO CPT Tool Features

EasyIO CPT training session

EasyIO CPT Tools is a software programming tool that provides configuration and management of its F series controllers. With an ecosystem that’s truly open across the entire product line, EasyIO Tool offers both system integrators and building owners full control using F-Series. Backed by Blue-Chip company and IBC Partner Johnson Controls, EasyIO is ready to disrupt the market with its license-free offering that does not require users to join a distribution channel, while the access to EasyIO software is reasonably painless to obtain.

  • Kit Management and Creation
  • Graphic Creation and Editing
  • History Charting with SQL Database
  • Adapter Widget
  • Backup & Restore via Web Browser or EMS
  • Sample Applications and Library
  • JCI’s patented self-tuning PID
  • Configure Dashboard graphics
  • Configure MQTT communications for cloud applications

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EasyIO CPT Tools outlined

EasyIO CPT Workspace

Is the location for developing application programs. There is a view finder in the top right corner of the Workspace sheet. The view finder enables simple object location and worksheet navigation within the workspace. Objects can be added to the Workspace in several efficient ways.

Kit Management

Kit Management in CPT Tools is used to manage the Sedona kits in a Sedona controller. The Kit Manager will display all the kits that are installed in CPT Tools Sedona folder or in the Sedona folder selected.

Graphics for Web Browser

CPT Tools comes with a built-in feature for creating FS Series controller graphical pages that can be viewed in a web browser.

  • Provides you a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) environment to develop graphic web application.
  • Provides basic HVAC widgets, and customizing it to use your favourite HVAC images is easy.
  • Graphic files are based on open standard text formats like XML, allowing the use of standard text editors for more advanced edit if required.
  • Built-in Adapter Widget framework makes developing widgets (charting, buttons, etc.) based on widely available JavaScript libraries (D3.js, Highcharts,
  • FusionCharts, etc.) easy. CPT Tools provides a comprehensive debugging and test environment to make it even easier.
  • Comes with several widgets developed with the Adapter Widget framework. You can just use those or take them as examples to develop your own widgets.

EasyIO CPT graphics

History Chart with SQL Database

The EasyIO FS and FW Series have SQL Lite capable of storing historical data into tables and columns.  You can even create queries to analyze and normalize data for reporting and analytics before presenting the information to the users via web page or downloadable report.

EasyIO CPT outlined

Adapter Widget

CPT Tools already provides many widgets for a user to choose from when building CPT graphics. But since it is hard to meet all user’s diverse requirements, we brought the Adapter Widget in. The Adapter Widget already handles the logics of data communication, applies basic widget properties and loads javascript/css files, so the developer of Adapter Widget can just focus on the specific logic of their own widget.

Backup & Restore via Web Browser or EMS

The CPT Tools webserver has an option to backup and restore the Sedona application. This option backups the Sedona application, graphics and other settings from the controller. Additionally, our edge management system (EMS) application allows you to automate backup, restore, and upgrade actions for large installations.

Dashboard Graphics

The EasyIO F series dashboard is a built-in responsive HTML5 feature that enables users to present important data in dashboard form. It has a wide variety of widget options and is great for presenting data to end users simply and quickly and works great on mobile, tablet, or larger devices.

Protocol Driver Management

The EasyIO FS and FW Series controllers can easily communicate to cloud applications via EasyIO’s industry leading drivers, recognized for its versatility and intuitiveness. Such as MQTT, BACnet, Modbus, etc.