EasyIO controllers the solution set

EasyIO solution set kit

IBC stocks a large selection of EasyIO controllers, which offer outstanding performance and unparalleled flexibility in a Building Management System (BMS), all from Johnson Controls. The EasyIO ecosystem is at the core of all its controllers with a couple of key differences.

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FS EasyIO Controllers the JACE alternative

easyio controller fs-32

This FS controller is a cost-effective “mini” BMS for small-to-medium sized building
solutions. This mini BMS makes smaller sized buildings accessible with high-tech open source delivering maximum output for low cost.​

No license, no hidden cost, makes this a successor for OEM and vertical markets.

FS controllers provide unparalleled performance and allows for flexible design, enabling secure integration at both a BMS and loT level. The FS is fully programmable via the EasylO CPT Tools and supports all BMS protocols.

FS Series is available in the following:

FW EasyIO Controllers

EasyIO controller FW-28

The award-winning FW is highly flexible, designed for wired or wireless IP capabilities. This EasyIO controller boasts robust equipment & is a space saving solution. The FW series is the market’s most flexible controllers. FW controllers can be placed on BACnet MS/TP or Modbus RTU RS-485 networks when needed. Can integrate up to 5 devices.

The FW Series comes in:

FT Controller

EasyIO controllers FT-04

New FT-04 provides high value, BACnet over Wi-Fi solution for hard-to-reach equipment. Small form factor controller supports live programming and commissioning. This mighty yet tiny controller comes in:

  • FT-04A (2UI, 2AO)
  • FT-04B (2UI, 1AO, 1DO)

EasyIO is completely customisable, not locked into any technology, application or set of features and functions. Use this controller platform with the full range of smart, connected devices and create your own dashboards, applications, views and reports. Take advantage of open protocols and APIs for adaptable system connections. Make EasyIO by Johnson Controls what you want it to be!

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