DriSteem – Ultra-sorb XV Product Update

The most efficient and cost-effective steam dispersion panel on the market is now even better, with fail-safe reliability due to an updated control design.

Design revisions to the Ultra-sorb XV platform with new capabilities:

  • A new 2-position shutoff steam ball-valve assembly with Belimo actuator to provide improved close-off of steam when no humidification demand is present. This prevents the possibility of header condensate accumulation during periods when humidification is not required.
  • The Ultra-sorb XV steam header utilizes a new float switch that will trigger a condensate management sequence if condensate begins to accumulate in the header.
  • A new microprocessor-based control package sequences the 2-position shutoff valve and modulating steam valve based on humidification demand from the BAS (or other 2-10V or 4-20mA signal), RH limit control, air flow, and condensate float switch.
  • Multi-function LED indicator included in the control cabinet lets technicians quickly trouble-shoot any operational issues to get the job commissioned quickly.
  • An alarm point that can be wired to a BAS or other control system.

These control updates are in addition to the increased steam capacity of Ultra-sorb XV provided by the availability of 2” diameter dispersion tubes introduced last year!

See EB-1604 for more details.