DriSteem Humidistats with BACnet

DriSteem humidistats BACnet

DriSteem Humidistats are now available with its latest development that includes the option for BACnet capability. BACnet model TRI2 enables pressurised steam dispersion to communicate humidifier demand, and provide status in the space to a building automation system. Humidifier status and its accompanying data are often overlooked, with humidity control resting not only with the control system, but with the complete building system. Individual building dynamics, such as temperature or air changes, can affect the accuracy and control capability of any humidification system.

DriSteem Humidistats features

  • Digital display of humidity and setpoint.
  • Mount to wall or standard junction box.
  • One universal input for a remote humidity sensor.
  • One 0 – 10VDC or 4 – 20mA output
  • NOTE: Actuators: Choose modulating actuators with an input signal type of 0 – 10VDC or 4 – 20mA. Minimum and maximum signal limitations may be set with parameters. 3-point point actuators with constant running time are recommended. The default parameters are for 2 – 10VDC actuators.
  • Input voltage of either 24VAC or 24VDC.

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