DPD UK Suspends delivery service to Ireland till 13th January

DPD Ireland

Temporary changes to DPD Ireland

As IBC use DPD delivery services as one of its trusted couriers, we’d like to inform you of a temporary stoppage of goods from DPD UK to the Republic of Ireland. This pause in DPD’s operation will be as short as possible and they intend to recommence service on Wednesday 13 January, but they will provide  an update on Tuesday 12 January. You can find that update when it happens here.

Full press release from DPD UK

The EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement was very welcome but leaving the Single Market and Customs Union still requires significant changes to the way we take your parcels cross-border.

It’s been a challenging few days for our international operation and our teams have been working round the clock to process your data for parcels bound for Europe and the Republic of Ireland.

It has now become evident that we have an increased burden with the new, more complex processes, and additional customs data we require from you for your parcels destined to Europe. This has placed extra pressure on our turnaround and transit times.

We are seeing up to 20% of parcels having incorrect or incomplete data attached, these will have to be returned to you so that the required data can be provided.

In addition to this we are seeing delays and congestion at UK ports and more rigid requirements for channel crossings.

In view of this unprecedented set of circumstances we believe that it is only right to pause and review our road service into Europe, including the Republic of Ireland. We will use this short pause to validate the data we have in our system, reduce the delay and give you the opportunity to give us the correct data we need in order that we can export, from next week, successfully.

This pause in our operation will be as short as possible and we intend to recommence this service on Wednesday 13 January, but we’ll provide you with an update on Tuesday 12 January. You can find that update when it happens here.

You can help with this by checking your data meets all the requirements for the customs declaration process against this reference guide we have created: