Controlli Updates September 2017


Here are the latest commercial updates for Controlli products.

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A brief update on Controlli’s range of dynamic PICVs

They have introduced a new range of flanged PICVs now consisting of 4 sizes up to 66800 L/H (DN125).

Click on the pictures below to download the PDF file for the complete range and the data sheet for the new flanged valves.

cross-reference            data-sheet

Motorized ball valves

During 2017 Conrtolli introduced a complete range of motorized ball valves: 2way & 3way, 1/2” ÷ 2” with high-close off and tight shut-off performance.

Models with EQM flow control are available with 0..10V proportional actuator.

Click on the picture below to download a condensed brochure.

New Brochure

Controlli have a new condensed brochure (8 pages) providing an overview of Controlli products portfolio.

Click on the picture below to download the PDF file.