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BMS Controllers

SCVI-CI Voltage input channel configuration 1 (Trend)
NeOSS-15A-CI OSS Expansion Module 7DI,8DO 33 (OSS)
NeOSS-15B-CI OSS Expansion Module 7UI,8AO 33 (OSS)
SDU-XCITE-CI Smart Display Unit for IQ3Xcite 1 (Trend)
NEOSS-V3-16A-1P-CI OSS controller 8UI,4AO,2DI,2DO 33 (OSS)
NeOSS-USB cable-CI USB Cable for Samkoon touch Screens 33 (OSS)
NeOSS-15C-CI OSS Expansion Module 8UI,4AO,3DO 33 (OSS)
NeOSS-15D-CI OSS Epansion Module 6DO,3DO 33 (OSS)
TOUCHSCREEN PSU-CI Touchscreen PSU for NE-OSS View 7 33 (OSS)
NEOSS-V3-16C-1P-CI OSS Controller 8UI,8DI 33 (OSS)
IQ3XCITE/16/100-240-CI Non Expanadable Controller 230v 1 (Trend)
SDU-IQ-CI Smart Display for IQL Controller 1 (Trend)
TPW3-MBUS-CI RS232/M-Bus converter for up to 3 1 (Trend)
IQE31/F/BAC/1SFANAR2B-CI IQE31 controller 230V, FCU 1S Fan AR2 Strategy Dat 1 (Trend)
IQ3XCITE/00/XNC/24-CI IQ3XCITE/00 inc XNC for Ethernet integration (24V) 1 (Trend)
NeOSS-View-7-CI 7″ OSS Touch Screen 33 (OSS)

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DB-TA-3C3-139-CI Controller, Room, 230Vac, NTC10K, 5…30°C, ON/OFF 32 (IndustrieTechnik)
DB-TA-3A3-139-CI Controller, Room, 230Vac, NTC10K, 5…30°C, 4-pipe 32 (IndustrieTechnik)
RGI000LBXD-CI Outside, Control unit, 10 In/1 Out, 230Vac, IP54 23 (Seitron SRL)
FC-MTY-4-CI Electronic Speed Ctrl 4.0A 230V 1Ph 6 (Sontay)
DLP601M000SE-CI 6 Channel Wireless Controller 23 (Seitron SRL)
P215SH-9103-CI Johnson Fan Speed Controller 3 (Johnson Valves)

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Gas Detection

EVGPCFM015SE-CI Seitron 230V NC Slam Shut 23 (Seitron SRL)
RGI000MBX2SE-CI Gas Control unit, 2 In/2 Out, 230Vac, IP30, LED 23 (Seitron SRL)
RDXSM10001SE-CI Co and Methane Sensor 23 (Seitron SRL)
RGY000MBP4SE-CI FOURGATE 4 Channel Detector 23 (Seitron SRL)
ALC012U-CI 12 Channel Wiring Box, 230 Vac, Transformer for 24 23 (Seitron SRL)
GVF65-230 [USED]-CI 65mm Flanged Gas Valve Auto reset 1 (Trend)
EVGNCLM080-CI 80mm NC Gas Slam Shut Valve 23 (Seitron SRL)
EVGNCFM025SE-CI Seitron 1″ NC Manual Reset Valve 23 (Seitron SRL)
SGAGPL0000SE-CI Room LPG Sensor, IP30, on/off output 23 (Seitron SRL)

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Light and Motion

AD22-22DKS-CI 22mm Green Led 230V lamp test 2 (H & C)
AD22-22DT-CI Amber Led Lamp 24Vdc 2 (H & C)
AD22-R-24V-LT-CI 22mm Red Led 24V Lamp test 2 (H & C)
AD22-G-110v-LT-CI 22mm Green LED 110v with test 2 (H & C)
AD22-R-110v-CI LED 110v Red 2 (H & C)
AD22-W-24VAC-CI 24V White Panel Lamp 2 (H & C)
1SPSP001-CI Motion Detector, Wall, 230V 50Hz, Detection angle 10 (Perry)
1SPSP020-CI Motion Detector, Ceiling, 230V 50Hz, Ø 68mm Detect 10 (Perry)

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F-3200-Remote Mount-CI F-3200 Remote IP67 enclosure with 65ft 39 (Onicon Flow& Energy Measurement)
F-3205-211-CI F-3200 Electromag 125mm(5″) PP, ANSI 150 remote 39 (Onicon Flow& Energy Measurement)
F-3208-311-CI F-3200 Electromag 200mm(8″) Ebonite , ANSI 150 39 (Onicon Flow& Energy Measurement)
CF51 100L/Pulse-CI Heatmeter K=100L 2 (H & C)
WR3MBUS-K=1000-CI MBus Meter K=1000L 2 (H & C)
KG2P-CI Gas Meter 1/2″ pulsed .016 to 2.5m3/h 2 (H & C)

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Sensors and thermostats

Sensors and Thermostats

1TXTETX03-CI Wireless Thermostat NO display 10 (Perry)
DBL-205D-CI DP Switch, Gas, 1.5A, 250Vac, 200…1000Pa, -20…85°C 32 (IndustrieTechnik)
LK-SX VOC V-CI Duct Sensor 16 (Thermokon)
TT-322-D-CI Duct Air Temp Sensor PT100A L=150mm 6 (Sontay)
TAES132C-CI 24v Thermostat 23 (Seitron SRL)
LW04-CI 0..10V Room Air Quality Sensor, Temp 16 (Thermokon)
TT-522-D-250-CI PT100 Duct Sensor 250mm 6 (Sontay)
DBET-27-CI Wall Thermostat, 0…60 °C, IP65 32 (IndustrieTechnik)
DBTV-17U-CI Boiler Thermostat, Pipe, 24…250Vac, 20..90°C, 1K 32 (IndustrieTechnik)
TT-351-D-CI Pipe Strap-On Temp Sensor PT100A 6 (Sontay)
STE21-CI Outside/Room IP65 PT100 (New PN: SE-PT100) 32 (IndustrieTechnik)
STI15-CI Immersion Sensor 10K4A1 32 (IndustrieTechnik)
0000000231633-CI Thermokon PT100 150mm flying lead 4m -50-600°C 16 (Thermokon)
AX-WCS-5-CI Cable Sensor for WLD 5M cabe 3M Header 2 (H & C)
DBKH-10U-CI Humidistat, Duct, 15A, 24…250Vac, 30…100%, 5%Rh 32 (IndustrieTechnik)
DB-RLQ-CI Room Air Quality Sensor, VOC- Mixed Gases, 24Vac 32 (IndustrieTechnik)
SP03I20-CI RH & Temp Transmitter 4-20mA 5 (Greystone)
TUTC0222-CI Duct Temp/RH Sensor, 18…35Vdc, -30…50°C, 0…100%RH 32 (IndustrieTechnik)
PA-694-60-CI 0-60Pa Air DP Sensor 6 (Sontay)
PL-528-2.5-CI Liquid Static Pressure Trans 0-2.5bar 4-20mA 6 (Sontay)
TB/TS/KO-CI Room, Temp, 10K3A1, 0…40°C, Accur ±.4°C, IP65, S 1 (Trend)
1TPTE502B-CI Electronic Thermostat 10 (Perry)
1TXCRTX04-CI Wireless Thermostat with display 10 (Perry)
1TCTB088-CI Thermostat, Ext Probe, 4/40°C, 250Vac, On/Off, Fix 10 (Perry)
1CRCR028B-CI Digital weekly prog, thermostat wht 10 (Perry)
DTPA80BC-CI Wireless Thermostat 6 – 30 DegC 23 (Seitron SRL)
TTE012-CI Room Temp Sensor, 18…35Vdc, -30…50°C, 0…10Vdc 32 (IndustrieTechnik)
PA-699-04-CI Air DP Tx Multi-range 0-100/300/500Pa 4-20mA 6 (Sontay)
PA-600-LCD-CI Multirange Air DP Sensor c/w LCD 6 (Sontay)
TT-341-F-CI Immersion Temp Sensor Ni1000A L=150mm 6 (Sontay)
TB/TS/KOS-CI Room, Temp, 10K3A1, 0…40°C, Accur ±.4°C, IP65, S 1 (Trend)
1TPTE501A-CI Perry Wall Mounted Thermostat 10 (Perry)
LCN-FTK140AA-CI Duct Humidity Sensor2x42-20 16 (Thermokon)
FTK-140VV-CI Humidity Duct Sensor 95617 16 (Thermokon)
DPA250-CI Differential Pressure Transmitter 588928 16 (Thermokon)
560023-CI Thermokon USB300 DB radio transceiver 16 (Thermokon)
AX-REF-VI-CI Switched voltage and current reference unit 2 (H & C)
TUTE0121-CI Wall, Temp/RH, 18…24Vac, -30…50°C, 0…100% RH 32 (IndustrieTechnik)
DB-M6P6-CI DP, Gas, 3A, 250Vac, 0…600Pa, Switch:40…600Pa 32 (IndustrieTechnik)
PA-267-300-CI Air DP Tx 0-300pa 1% Acc 4-20mA 6 (Sontay)
PL-692-1-V-CI Liquid DP Transmitter 2% Acc 0-1bar 6 (Sontay)
TT-532-B-CI Outside Temp Sensor Andover-Delta 6 (Sontay)
TT-532-D-CI Outside Air Sensor PT100A 6 (Sontay)
TT-551-D-CI Strap-On PT100 Sensor 6 (Sontay)

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Valves and Actuators

V5210KC-CI Valve, Zone/Fan Coil, 2Port, DN20, 3.5Kvs ctrl, Ex 3 (Johnson Valves)
VG6210LC-CI Valve, Zone/Fan Coil, 2Port, DN25, 4.5Kvs ctrl, Ex 3 (Johnson Valves)
VG6510JC-CI Valve, Zone/Fan Coil, 3Port, DN20, 2.6Kvs ctrl, 1. 3 (Johnson Valves)
M9203-BUA-1Z-CI Actuator, Rotary, 230V, On/Off, 3Nm, 27s, IP54 3 (Johnson Valves)
VG6210KC-CI Valve, Zone/Fan Coil, 2Port, DN20, 4Kvs ctrl, Exte 3 (Johnson Valves)
VG6810JC-CI Valve, Zone/Fan Coil, 3Port, DN20, 2.6Kvs ctrl, 1. 3 (Johnson Valves)
VG6210EC-CI Valve, Zone/Fan Coil, 2Port, DN15, 1.7 Kvs ctrl, E 3 (Johnson Valves)
VMB6-CI Valve,  Plant , 3 Port, DN40, 22kvs, Screwed Inter 15 (Controlli)
5585100-CI JCI Commisioning Cap 30mm 3 (Johnson Valves)
0361984045-CI 45mm Blank 4 (Sauter)
CVDN15/3/4.0T-CI GLOBE3WAY EXT THREADED,DN15,4Kvs 3 (Johnson Valves)
VA-7070-21-CI Actuator, Valve Motor, 24Vac/Vdc, 4.5mm125N, IP54, 3 (Johnson Valves)
VA-7480-0011-CI Actuator, Valve Motor, 24Vac, 6.3mm, 120N, IP43, 9 3 (Johnson Valves)
VG6510KC-CI Valve, Zone/Fan Coil, 3Port, DN25, 4Kvs ctrl, 3.1 3 (Johnson Valves)
M9203-BUA-1-CI Actuator, Rotary, 230V, On/Off, 3Nm, 60s, IP54 3 (Johnson Valves)
AG60-03-CI Linkage to mount MVE to Landis 15 (Controlli)
AL0102-24-CI Trend4mm Stroke 24Vac R/L Motor(10) 1 (Trend)
AXT211F212-CI 24V, 270s, Spring Return, NO 36 (E.P.H)
VG6510LC-CI Valve, Zone/Fan Coil, 3Port, DN25, 4.5Kvs ctrl, 3. 3 (Johnson Valves)
VA-7040-21-CI 24v Thermic ActuatorVG5000 extend energized 3 (Johnson Valves)
0361984040-CI 40mm Blank 4 (Sauter)
MT4-024-NC-CI Actuator Thermic, 24v, Stroke 4mm, On/Off, 90Nm, S 1 (Trend)
V582-15-0.6-CI Honeywell 2 Port 15mm 0.6kvs 1 (Trend)
V583-20-2.5-CI Honeywell 3Port 20mm 2.5Kvs 1 (Trend)
SV162X-25-6.3-CI 2Port 25mm 6.3Kvs Valve(5) 1 (Trend)
V5810JC-CI Valve, Zone/Fan Coil, 3Port, DN20, 2.5Kvs ctrl, 1. 3 (Johnson Valves)
V5590EC-CI Valve, Zone/Fan Coil, 3Port, DN15, 1.6Kvs ctrl, 1 3 (Johnson Valves)
VA9208-BDC-1-CI Actuator, Rotary, 230V, On/Off, 8Nm, 90s, IP54, 2 3 (Johnson Valves)
0361984032-CI 32mm Blank 4 (Sauter)
0378135010-CI 10mm Compression fitting 4 (Sauter)
V583-15-1.6-CI Honeywell 3Port 15mm 1.6Kvs(10) 1 (Trend)
VG6810EC-CI Valve, Zone/Fan Coil, 3Port, DN15, 1.7 Kvs ctrl, 1 3 (Johnson Valves)
VA-7067-21-CI Actuator for V500 series 0…10v VA-7087 3 (Johnson Valves)
1214935251-CI 25mm Union Set for JCI Valves 3 (Johnson Valves)
M9203-BUB-1-CI Actuator, Rotary, 230V, On/Off, 3Nm, 60s, IP54, 1 3 (Johnson Valves)
VG1205ER-CI Valve, Ball, 2Port, DN40, 9063kvs, Screwed Interna 3 (Johnson Valves)
0378133010-CI DN10, Threaded Sleeve x 1 36 (E.P.H)
0361984055-CI 55mm Blank 4 (Sauter)
D6300HD+SYS24-MPT-CI Belimo DN300 (12″) Butterly w/24v 0..10v Act 40 (Belimo)
AD10-24-CI 10Nm 24V on-off Damper(2) 1 (Trend)
1TXRX02/P-CI Wireless Residential 2 Zone controller 10 (Perry)
MVB26-CI Actuator, Valve motor, Floating-On/Off, 16.5mm, 23 15 (Controlli)
MVE510/S-CI MVE510S 1000 24Vac/dc short yoke, modulating 15 (Controlli)
DMDA-CI Auxiliary end-point switch for MDA actuators 15 (Controlli)
VG5810EC-CI 15mm 1.6Kv FCU Valve 3 port 3 (Johnson Valves)
VA9203-AGA-1Z-CI Actuator, Rotary, 24V, On/Off or Floating, 3Nm, 90 3 (Johnson Valves)
AXT111F210-CI 230V Thermal Drive 4 (Sauter)
AD34-230-CI 34Nm 230Vac 2 pc 1 (Trend)
VSB3-CI Valve,  Plant , 2 Port, DN20, 6.3kvs, Screwed Int 15 (Controlli)
VSB4-CI Valve,  Plant , 2 Port, DN25, 8kvs, Screwed Intern 15 (Controlli)
VSB6-CI Valve,  Plant , 2 Port, DN40, 22kvs, Screwed Inter 15 (Controlli)
VG6810DC-CI Valve, Zone/Fan Coil, 3Port, DN15, 1Kvs ctrl, 0.86 3 (Johnson Valves)
V5210MC-CI Valve, Zone/Fan Coil, 2Port, DN25, 4.5Kvs ctrl, Ex 3 (Johnson Valves)
VA-15A-230S-CI Actuator On/Off R/L c/w Aux Switch 230V 15Nm 6 (Sontay)
V582-15-1.6F-CI 2 Port 15mm 1.6Kvs Flat End 1 (Trend)
AD05-230-CI Trend 5Nm 230V on/off Damper 1 (Trend)
V163F-125-250-CI 3 Port 125mm Flanged Valve(1) 1 (Trend)
SV162X-25-10-CI 2Port Trend 25mm 10Kvs Valve(1) 1 (Trend)
AD10-230-CI 10Nm 230Vac (1) 1 (Trend)
AL0620-24-SD-CI 24V 20mm Stroke Spring Down Act 1 (Trend)
AL1820-24-K-CI Trend 24V R/L 20mm Stroke Actuator 1 (Trend)
1TXVTRX01/3-CI Wireless Radiator Actuator Battery 10 (Perry)
VSB8A-CI Valve,  Plant , 2 Port, DN50, 40kvs, Screwed Inter 15 (Controlli)
VT-AMV130-24-CI 24Vac Modulating Actuator 2 (H & C)
DAN1.SN-CI Actuator, Rotary, 24V, On/Off/Floating, 4Nm, 35s, 3 (Johnson Valves)
M9116-AGA-1N-CI (DA1) Actuator, Rotary, 24V, On/Off or Floating, 16Nm, 3 3 (Johnson Valves)
P100DA-68D-CI Duct, Pressure, 26(op)bar, Accur ±0, 7bar, IP67, M 3 (Johnson Valves)
V46AB-9600-CI Valve, Plant, 2 Way, DN15, 2.7Kvs, 5_18bar, Angled 3 (Johnson Valves)
VG1205DP-CI Valve, Ball, 2Port, DN32, 4670kvs, Screwed Interna 3 (Johnson Valves)
VUL010F300-CI DN10, PN16, 1.6 Kvs, 2…120°C 36 (E.P.H)
AVM115SF901-CI 24Vac, 0-10Vdc, 2 / 3 pt, 80 / 160s, 500N for VCL 36 (E.P.H)
VTC-511-CI ESBE VTC 1″ 55C thermostatic mixing valve 36 (E.P.H)
BUF015F200-CI 3 Port Lift & Lay Valve c/w Unions – 5.5mm Stroke 36 (E.P.H)
BUF020F200-CI 3 PORT  VALVE PN 16 6.3 Kvs 36 (E.P.H)
17007400-CI Spares Kit for 55C ESBE Mix Valve 4 (Sauter)
0361984060-CI 60mm Blank 4 (Sauter)
VZ-2-25-CI Zone Valve 2 Port 1″ 6 (Sontay)
VT-24-M-CI Sontay 24V 0-10 Actuator 6 (Sontay)
VA-FA-230S-N-CI Actuator On/Off Failsafe c/w Aux Switches 230V 6 (Sontay)

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Variable Speed Drives

VSD2H/3P-480/023B/IP54-CI 3 Phase 480V 23A 11KW Drive 1 (Trend)
CT132-50A-Single-CI CT for the EM21 50a single phase 2 (H & C)
VSD2H/3P-480/016B/IP54-CI 3 Phase 480V 16A 7.5KW Drive 1 (Trend)
VSD2H/3P-480/031B/IP54-CI 3 Phase 480V 31A 15KW Drive 1 (Trend)
ACH580-01-02A6-4-CI ABB VSD .75kw Drive 2.6 amps 12 (Other)
NXLAA23C5-CI Variable Speed Drives, 380V, 3-phase voltage input 1 (Trend)
VSD2H/3P-480/046B/IP54-CI 3 Phase 480V 46A 22KW Drive 1 (Trend)
VSD2H/3P-480/061B/IP54-CI 3 Phase 480V 61A 30KW Drive 1 (Trend)

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