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News and product updates from IBC partners and brands. The Technical Info Blog contains guides and downloads including manufacturer datasheets, installation guides and manuals. EasyIO by Johnson Controls, iSMA CONTROLLI, Niagara 4 Framework, Sedona Framework, ONICON, DriSteem, I/O Modules, Valves and Actuators, Sensors, Leak Detection, Metering, Heat and Cooling meters, VPN for BMS, TOSIBOX.

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EasyIO controllers the solution set

EasyIO solution set kit

IBC stocks a large selection of EasyIO controllers, which offer outstanding performance and unparalleled flexibility in a Building Management System (BMS), all from Johnson Controls. The EasyIO ecosystem is at the core of all its controllers with a couple of key differences. FS EasyIO Controllers the JACE alternative This FS controller is a cost-effective “mini” […]

IBC EasyIO by JCI Product Open Day

IBC EasyIO kit

Intelligent Building Controls Ltd. (IBC) and Johnson Controls [JCI] are pleased to announce EasyIO Product Open Day on Wednesday, 27th April 2022. The Open Day will be held at IBC Offices and Warehouse in Oak Road Business Park, Oak Road, Dublin 12C920. View address and directions. Open Day Times All are welcome any time between […]

DriSteem Humidistats with BACnet

DriSteem humidistats BACnet

DriSteem Humidistats are now available with its latest development that includes the option for BACnet capability. BACnet model TRI2 enables pressurised steam dispersion to communicate humidifier demand, and provide status in the space to a building automation system. Humidifier status and its accompanying data are often overlooked, with humidity control resting not only with the […]

EasyIO FT-04 BACnet Implementation

EasyIO FT-04

The stand alone control of EasyIO FT-04 is a versatile small form factor controller with big BACnet capabilities. The WiFi only EasyIO FT-04 might be pocket sized, but it’s a compact and powerful device ideal for: Hard to reach equipment Utilising small spaces Localised lighting control Remote IO Temperature control and monitoring On/off control of […]

EasyIO PRAC+ adaptive tuning

easyio prac

The latest release information for EasyIO PRAC+. Pattern Recognition Adaptive Control (PRAC+) is a patented Johnson Controls technology for automatic PID tuning. PRAC+ cuts commissioning time – as does its extensive list of predefined, selectable control loops. Plus, there’s no need for manual retuning; as conditions change, EasyIO automatically brings controls back to the optimal […]

Clamp on thermostats Industrie Technik

clamp on thermostats ip65

Clamp on thermostats DBAT range frost protection. Get winter ready with Industrie Technik‘s range of clamp on thermostats, IP65. The DBAT electromechanical thermostats are made of two parts: a fluid filled capillary tube and a housing containing the sensor that transmits temperature variations to a micro-switch with SPDT contacts. The micro-switch is capable of interrupting […]

DriSteem DriCalc engineer resource

dristeem dricalc

DriSteem DriCalc is a software tool committed to making the process of selecting the best humidification system as easy as possible. Used by agencies and reps worldwide, it’s a collaborative platform for working with your local Rep. IBC Partner DriSteem use this engineering tool as the primary method for sizing, selecting, pricing, and ordering all […]

Composite valves by iSMA CONTROLLI

isma controlli VP composite valves

Light weight composite valves available from IBC. iSMA CONTROLLI Italy S.p.A presents its latest release: the VP family of composite valves for FCUs. VPS, VPM and VPT represent a family of valves that are uniquely innovative thanks to the valves high-performance composite polymer material used for the valve body and internal parts. This offering is […]

Winner Hybrid IoT Controller iSMA-B-MAC36NL

iSMA mac36nl winner

Hybrid IoT Controller iSMA-B-MAC36NL from iSMA CONTROLLI Poland, powered by Niagara, was selected as the best product in the Building Automation Category of the 2022 AHR Expo Innovation Awards Competition. It is a prestige award granted in following categories: building automation, cooling, heating, indoor air quality, plumbing, refrigeration, software, sustainable solutions, tools & instruments and […]