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News and product updates from IBC partners and brands. The Technical Info Blog contains guides and downloads including manufacturer datasheets, installation guides and manuals. EasyIO by Johnson Controls, iSMA CONTROLLI, Niagara 4 Framework, Sedona Framework, ONICON, DriSteem, I/O Modules, Valves and Actuators, Sensors, Leak Detection, Metering, Heat and Cooling meters, VPN for BMS, TOSIBOX.

IBC supplies the best systems and solutions to System Integrators, Architects, Builders, Developers, Contractors, Mechanical and Electrical Companies, Engineering Consultants, Facility Managers and Facility Management Companies. Energy efficiency is at the core of IBC’s business model; that’s why they provide the products and systems to develop the most effective energy efficient buildings possible.


MVC Actuator with Modbus by iSMA CONTROLLI

Controlli MVC503R-M

iSMA CONTROLLI MVC Actuator is the compact choice suitable for globe valves and PICVs. The latest release in the MVC family has evolved to include Modbus, the MVC503R-MB. MVC with Modbus is an electro-mechanical design with electronic emergency return. MVC503R-MB actuator with fail safe function can be used with valves push/pull (using auto stroke calibration […]

Fidelix FX Spider

Fidelix FX Spider controller

Fidelix FX-Spider-40/10 is a plug and play freely programmable central control unit with 40 integrated I/O’s and an optional 10.1” touch screen. This is a popular all-in-one solution for smaller projects, such as school house boiler rooms requiring the simplicity of an all-in-one solution. Communication protocols include BACnet, Modbus and M-Bus. The controller is also […]

TOSIBOX 695 5G enabled Plug & Go™ connectivity device


Introducing TOSIBOX 695, a game-changer for networking professionals that’s 5G enabled. As with all TOSIBOX industry leading OT Networking devices, it’s easy to deploy and control with their Plug & Go™ connectivity found in all TOSIBOX products. TOSIBOX 695 is available in EU markets (CE-certified countries) now. IBC is an authorised supply partner of TOSIBOX. […]

Upcoming Industry Events 2024

IBC have a compiled a list of upcoming industry events for 2024. We look forward to seeing you there! Driven by Sustainability in the Irish Pharmaceutical Processing Sector 27th February 2024 – Aviva Stadium Stadium The Theme of Sustainability within the pharmaceutical processing and manufacturing sector has never been more important! For many years larger […]

TOSIBOX Readiness Fidelix Secure Remote Access

Fidelix FX Spider TOSIBOX Readiness

TOSIBOX Readiness is directly integrated into Fidelix controllers FX-3000-C and FX-Spider-40/10. Two of IBC partners, Fidelix and TOSIBOX, have united to offer enhanced secure remote access into Fidelix’s flagship products. This collaboration delivers end users and building owners enhanced security and connectivity, making it easier for both system integrators and end-users to manage and control […]

New Greystone Indoor Air Quality Sensor

Greystone new IAQ sensor now available

The new Greystone indoor air quality sensor, the ‘Total IAQ Sensor’, addresses the global demand for accurate indoor air quality monitoring. All technical resources available can be downloaded below. This latest release from one of our leading partners in sensors and IAQ technology, is designed to track and analyse up to six critical parameters, ensuring […]


iSMA CONTROLLI AAC20 MAC36NL updates July 2023

IBC controls partner iSMA CONTROLLI have two new updates available for MAC36NL and AAC20, which aims to greatly enhance performance. Relevant technical downloads and models currently in stock can be found below from July’s iSMA CONTROLLI updates. MAC36NL Update: Niagara Version 4.12U2 Support In a nutshell, this update (v1.9) includes significant improvements and fixes to […]

Stainless Steel Valves – 2TIA.L and 3TIA

Stainless Steel Valves iSMA CONTROLLI

Stainless Steel Valves range from iSMA CONTROLLI are made up of 2 and 3-way mixing valves in AISI304 steel, known as 2TIA.L and 3TIA Family. These control valves are available to order from IBC now, and can be motorised via iSMA CONTROLLI actuators, the bestselling MVE (order long yoke version) and MVH. When it comes […]

HVAC Industry Events Summer 2023

IBC events listing 2023

IBC have compiled a list of summer HVAC industry events. Future in Pharmaceuticals Ireland 2023 takes place at Croke Park, Dublin on July 5th. The event topic covers:  Proven Strategies to Deliver your Decarbonisation Goals in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing In a time when the pharmaceutical processing industry has never been more important to Ireland and to […]

IBC Welcomes GPS Air

GPS Air new at IBC

IBC welcomes its newest Partner in Air Quality, GPS® Air. IBC’s latest distribution Partnership applies to the island of Ireland. GPS Air technology helps clean indoor air without producing harmful levels of ozone or other measured byproducts. Read more or go straight to the product brochure for more detailed technical insight into GPS here. At […]